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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Read a Book

Read a Book

"I donít want to do my homework!" wee Jeremy pouted. "I donít want to learn how to read and write. I donít care about history and science." He stomped out of the mouse hole and then ran into the back garden.

His mum sat at the table. She tried to think of a way to get wee Jeremy to enjoy doing his schoolwork. An idea came to her. She picked up a piece of cheddar cheese and went outside to find the lad. He was sitting under a fluffy purple thistle. "I brought you a piece of cheese," she said, handing it to him. He took it from her and gobbled it down. "You like cheese, donít you?"

"All mice like cheese, Mum," wee Jeremy answered.

"Why is that? Why donít we like asparagus or beetroot? Why do we like cheese so much?" she asked.

"I donít know. Mice have always liked cheese."

"Have you ever wondered where cheese comes from?" his mum asked.

"From the refrigerator," he giggled.

"Do you think it appears in the refrigerator by magic?"

"Iíve never thought about it. Where does cheese come from?" wee Jeremy was now curious.

"Take a walk with me, lad. Itís a lovely day. Letís go over to the meadow and see Bonnie, the cow," Mum suggested.

Wee Jeremy took his mumís hand and they walked through the grass. "I see Bonnie. Sheís eating grass. Why does she eat grass? I think that would taste disgusting," the lad said.

"Letís go and ask her," Mum said. They climbed up on the fence and sat next to Bonnieís head. "Bonnie, why do you eat grass?"

"Moo! It tastes delicious and makes creamy milk," Bonnie said.

"How do you get milk from grass?" wee Jeremy asked, puzzled.

"The grass turns into milk inside of me. Every day Farmer Graham milks me and then uses my milk to make butter and cheese," Bonnie explained.

"Cheese? Cheese comes from milk?" wee Jeremy asked. His eyes were bulging with excitement.

"Why, of course. Youíre a mouse. Surely you knew that," Bonnie said.

"No, I didnít know that. I do now though," he smiled.

"Thereís a lot to learn about cheese. There are dozens of types of cheeses too. While most of it comes from cows, you can get some cheeses made from the milk of goats and even camels," Bonnie continued.

"Camel milk? Goat milk? Thatís funny," we Jeremy smiled.

"Cow milk is used for many things. Thereís yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, and ice cream," Bonnie said.

"Ice cream? Ice cream comes from cowís milk? Thatís brilliant!" wee Jeremy exclaimed.

"Why donít we go home and read some books about milk and cheese?" his mum suggested.

"I canít read very well," he said, somewhat ashamed.

"Well, your mum will help you and you can soon learn. When youíve learned everything there is to know about cheese, come back and see me and Iíll give you some fresh milk and cheeses," Bonnie said. She let out a loud moo and went back to eating the grass.

Wee Jeremy and his mum rushed back to the mouse hole. "Mum, do we have any books on cheese?"

"Iíve got one right here. Why donít we sit down and Iíll help you read it," she said.

She handed the lad the book. He started looking at the pictures and reading with her help.

He leaned against his mum. "I love you, Mum. Thanks for helping me learn about cheese," wee Jeremy said. His mum smiled and then they finished reading the book.

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