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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Brady Butterfly Flies South For the Winter

Brady, the butterfly, looked up at the clouds. The cream-colored rose he was perched on waved back and forth in the icy wind. It was time to fly south. He needed to go to a place where it didnít snow or have cold temperatures. He took his mittens out and put them on his little hands. He started shivering. "Brrrrrrrrrr. Itís cold!" he said.

Brady flapped his wings and flew into the air just as some large fluffy snowflakes fell from the gray clouds. One hit him on the face, nearly bending his antenna. Another fell on his wing. He knew he had to hurry. "Ouch!" he cried out. He flapped, and flapped, and flapped. Soon he was above the snow clouds and on his way south.

It didnít take him long before he was tired. It was a long flight. As soon as he was out of the storm area, he dropped to the ground and landed on a bush. It still had its leaves on it and was covered with small round red berries. He found some that had burst open and sipped the juicy nectar out of them. "Delicious!" he said. As he was sipping away, the wind started to blow from the north. "Time to go!" He flapped, and flapped, and flapped, heading south.

He flew for a long time. The sun started setting. Brady loved the colors of sunset. The sky was ablaze with crimson, carnation pink, orange, and light violet. Rays erupted from the sinking sun, their golden arms reaching out to him, beckoning him to fly into their grasp.

He decided to stop for the night. Looking down for a flower patch, Brady spotted some yellow buttercups and landed on one. Its petals were soft and velvety and smelled pretty. Brady fluttered from flower to flower. He found a buttercup that was perfect for sleeping and curled himself up inside and dozed off.

That night it rained. It poured down on the flowers. Luckily the yellow petals were large enough to cover Brady. He didnít get wet. In the morning the flowers were covered with big drops of morning dew. Brady took a sip then flew off. He flapped, and flapped, and flapped until he was high in the sky, among the puffy white clouds.

As he was flying along, he saw a flock of ducks ahead. They were in v formation. They were heading south, just like he was. Later on that day he saw a flock of geese. They too were flying south. That evening, tired and hungry, Brady started looking for a flower to sleep in. He wasnít in the cold weather any longer. It was rather nice where he was. There were a lot of flowers growing, asters, zinnias, morning glories and poppies. Brady loved poppies. He flew into the poppy field and landed. He stood on one of the large red petals. He looked up into the sky. It didnít look like it would rain that night. He drank some nectar, curled up inside the poppy and went to sleep.

As the sun rose, a loud chirping awakened Brady. He opened his eyes. Hovering above the poppy was a sparrow. It opened its beak and tried to eat Brady. Quickly he fluttered under the poppy petal and hid. The sparrow looked all around for him. After a while, it left. Brady flapped, and flapped, and flapped his wings and flew up into the sky.

He flew all day long, not even stopping for a drink. He was so tired. As the afternoon sun began to go down, Brady arrived at his destination. He was here! He didnít have to fly anymore. He looked down. He saw frogs leaping about in ponds. He saw bright red, green, yellow and purple birds. He saw dozens of flowers, all bright and colorful. But the best thing he saw were other butterflies that looked just like him. He flew down and landed among them. It was going to be a nice winter.

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