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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Bubble Magic

Emmy and Remmy ran into the tall grass. A black cat chased them. “Let's hide over here!” Emmy shouted to her friend.

They hid and waited until the cat left. “Can we breathe now?” Remmy peeked around to see if he could spot the cat. He looked up. “What is this we're hiding behind?”

Emmy read the label. “It says Bubble Magic. Bubbles?”

Remmy said, “I can climb it and take off the lid. He stood on top and twisted the cap off. “There's a stick inside.” He pulled it up and held it in front of him. “What do I do with it?” Just then he sneezed. A big bubble formed. “I know what to do. I have to blow into it.” He dipped the stick back into the liquid and blew. Bubbles went flying into the sky.

Emmy sat on the ground below. The bubbles popped all around her.

A pink dragonfly flew past at the same time Remmy blew. The dragonfly flew right into the bubble. It floated higher and higher with the dragonfly stuck inside.

Remmy blew a huge bubble and it fell on top of Emmy. She lifted off the ground and floated into the sky, just like the dragonfly had done.

“Whee! This is fun!” Emmy looked down. “I see the grass. I see you, Remmy and I see the cat. Run!”

Remmy dropped the stick on the ground and darted into the grass. The cat leaped at him, spilling the bottle of bubbles. Remmy ran to a tree and crept inside the hole.

Emmy floated above the cat. “You can't catch me, cat! Ha ha ha.”

The cat hissed and swatted the bubble with his paw.

The bubble popped and Emmy fell to the ground.

The cat chased her to the tree and she squeezed into the hole and sat next to Remmy. “No more bubbles for us,” Emmy said.

After the cat left they dashed off to find a piece of cheese.

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