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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Blowing Bubbles

John sat on the front porch of his house, blowing bubbles. His mother had just bought him a new bottle of bubbles. He held the thin, red, plastic stick in his hand and blew through the hole. He watched the purple, blue, green, red, and yellow bubbles float up into the air and swirl all around him. They sparkled like rainbows in the midday sun. It didnít take long for them to start to pop. Soon all John could hear was POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! He put his bubble bottle down and started chasing the ones that hadnít popped yet.

Blowing Bubbles

One of the bubbles was very huge. It floated up into the air, wriggling and changing form as it lazily climbed higher into the sky. John watched it float away. John closed his eyes and wished that he could be a bubble and sail through the sky, looking down at the land below. Suddenly, like magic, John was changed into a bubble. He felt funny and very light.

"WOW!" he said as he saw a red fire engine racing down the street below him. He heard the wailing noise of the siren as it headed towards a fire. John knew if he went near the fire, it would make him go POP! He was so busy looking at the fire engine that he wasnít watching where he was floating. He didnít see the building he was soon to hit. He was just about to go POP, when a man opened a window and John flew right through it and came out the other side of the building through another open window. "That was a close one," John said. "Iíd better be more careful."

He looked down and saw that he was above a fairground. "Look at all the rides! I hear merry-go-round music. Itís spinning around slowly. I wish I was on it," John sighed. He watched a little girl as she ate her cotton candy. "That looks good," he said, wishing he could eat a bite of the pink fluffy spun sugar. He saw some kids carrying stuffed animals. "They must have won a game," he noted. There seemed to be colorful balloons everywhere he looked. Just then a child let go of a bright green one and it came soaring towards John. "Oh no!" John called out. He had to swerve out of the way so it didnít hit him. The balloon went higher and higher and soon John couldnít see it any more.

The wind carried him further away. He passed over some flower gardens. "Daffodils are kind of pretty," he said, never having noticed that before. "The violets and primroses are too," he added. He floated past a tall birch tree. He could see a nest sitting in the branches. A robin was perched near it. There were several blue speckled eggs inside the nest. The bird flapped its wings. "Donít pop me," John begged. He was afraid the robin might stick her beak into him and pop his bubble, but she sat still and watched as he floated away.

The next thing John saw was a farm. He floated over a red barn. He could see the hay sticking out of the loft. "Look at the black and white cows grazing in a field. Thereís a flock of sheep huddled together. They look like a fluffy white cloud," he said. "There are some fat pink pigs and a green tractor. I like farms." John could see fields and fields of amber-colored wheat growing in all directions around the farm.

Ahead, John saw a tall building. He watched for an open window and headed towards it. He floated inside and sailed into the bathroom. There was a little boy taking a bath. The tub was filled with bubbles. They floated up into the air and surrounded John. "WOW! Look at the bubbles. Is that what I look like?" John wondered. The bubbles began to pop all around him. POP! POP! POP! POP! Just then the little boy stuck his finger up and poked it into John. POP!

John woke up and rubbed his eyes. "Hi there, sleepy head," his mum said. "Ready to get up? Itís a beautiful day out there. Why donít we go to the fair? Would you like that?" she asked.

John realized that he must have been dreaming about being a bubble. He laughed and jumped out of bed. "Iíd love to go the fair, Mum," he said. He saw his bottle of bubbles sitting on top of his drawers and laughed, as he got dressed for a fun day at the fair.

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