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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Two Bundles of joy

Morag and Duncan wanted to have a baby of their very own. They'd tried for years and were getting older and knew if they didn't get a baby soon, they'd not be able to have one, ever.

One windy night when Duncan was outside tending to the sheep, Morag wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and went out for a walk in the woods. The crescent moon gave pale light, but enough for Morag to see where she was going. After she'd walked a few minutes she saw a clearing. For some reason the moonbeams shone down on this spot. A ring of mushrooms sprung up in the center. Morag stayed hidden behind the trees to watch. She gasped when several blue fairies appeared. Their wings were opaque and each fairy glowed in the moonbeams. They held hands and danced around the mushroom ring.

Morag put her hand to her mouth. She'd never seen anything so beautiful before.

The fairies began to sing. Morag listened carefully. “They're calling my name.”

“Morag. Morag. Morag,” the fairies sang, their soft voices finding a way into Morag's heart.

Finding courage, she stepped out from behind the tree and walked into the center of the fairy ring. At first she was terrified. The fairies darted all around her sprinkling fairy dust on her hair, but then she realized she was in no danger and smiled. She put out her hand and one landed in it. It's tiny wings fluttered up and down and it grinned from pointed ear to ear. It took a bag from its belt and poured something into its hand. The fairy held up her hand and blew the powder into Morag's face.

Morag coughed and when she opened her eyes, the fairies were gone, the mushroom ring was gone and so were the moonbeams. She gigged and rushed home to tell her husband what had happened.

Duncan came back to the croft carrying a lamb. He saw Morag and noticed she had a special glow. He put the lamb down and it ran over to the fire, standing in front of it to get warm. “Is everything all right, Morag. You look beautiful tonight.”

Morag blushed and then took Duncan by the hands and sat him down on the settee. “We're going to have a baby, Duncan. The fairies blew fairy dust on me. We're going to have a baby. I thought I might be with child earlier today, but now I know.”

Duncan kissed his wife and they sat in front of the fire, holding hands and stroking the lamb.

Later that year Morag sat in front of the fireplace, rocking her two babies in their cradle. The lamb had grown into a sheep and stayed near the babies, watching over them.

Duncan came in and stood looking down on his babes. “Wee Fiona and wee Kenneth.” He stroked the sheep. “They're ours, Morag.”

The sheep bleated. Outside the window several blue fairies hovered, watching Morag and Duncan and the wee ones. Morag looked up and saw them. She winked. The fairies waved and then disappeared, leaving the happy family inside the croft to be happy forever after.

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