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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Bunny Family

Papa bunny spent the whole summer in the vegetable garden. He  grew lettuce, cabbages, eggplants, radishes, and carrots. His family loved carrots. One day he went home to the burrow and Mama and their four bunnies sat around the table.

“Did you bring us some cabbages, Papa?”  Angora licked her lips. “I love cabbages, Papa.”

“I love lettuce,” Harlequin said. “I love the color and the leaves. I hope you brought us some.”

Lilac stood up on her chair. “I want an eggplant, Papa. They're my favorite thing in the whole world to eat.”

Rex, the smallest bunny, ran over to his father. “Papa! Papa! I want a radish. I love radishes, Papa. Did you bring me one?”

Papa looked at Mama. “Mama, what is your favorite food to eat?”

Mama smiled. “I like everything you grow. I love cabbages, lettuce, eggplants, radishes and carrots.”

Papa grinned and pulled a basket out from behind him. He handed Angora a cabbage. “This is for you. You can eat the whole cabbage by yourself.”

“Thank you, Papa.” Angora took her cabbage and ran to her room in the burrow.

Papa pulled a lettuce out of the basket. “This is for you, Harlequin. Enjoy it.”

She ran up and grabbed the lettuce. “Thanks, Papa. I love lettuce.” She ran to her room and ate it all by herself.

“What about me, Papa? What did you bring me?” Lilac jumped off the chair.

He picked a purple eggplant out of the basket. “This is for you, Lilac. Your very own eggplant.”

“Thanks, Papa.” She carried the big vegetable to her room.

“Did you bring me a radish, Papa?” Rex stood and looked up at his Papa.

“Yes,” Papa said. He pulled a radish out of the basket.

“Oh goodie. My very own radish. Thanks, Papa.” Rex ran off to his room holding the radish in his arms.

“Well, Mama, what about you? What would you like?” Papa held the basket out. “Here you go. I brought you a radish, a cabbage, a lettuce, an eggplant and enough carrots for our whole family.”

Mama sat at the table with Papa. They nibbled on the carrots and other veggies. “I'm glad you work in the vegetable garden.”

“I do too,” Papa said and finished his carrot.

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