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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Shelter From the Storm

"Do you see those caves down there?" Bonnie asked, flying up the coastline of eastern Scotland.

"Yes and I think maybe we should go in there. It looks like a big storm on its way and where could we be safer than in a cave," Bruce suggested.

Bonnie looked up at the sky. "You donít have to convince me. Iíll follow you."

They landed on the sand outside one of the caves. The waves rolled in and splashed on the shore behind them. "Letís go inside this one," Bruce said, walking in.

"Wow. This is cool," Bonnie said. "This is huge. What are these feathers doing all over? Do you think there are seagulls in here?"

"I donít think theyíre seagull feathers. They look like pigeon feathers to me," Bruce said, examining one.

"It looks like the cave collapsed. I noticed several other caves that collapsed too. One of them had shiny bits of glass lying in the sand and among the rocks. Did you see that?" Bonnie asked. "Maybe weíd better find one that is still a cave and not a pile or stones," Bonnie suggested. They flew out and walked down the beach.

"There are so many caves. Letís go in this one," Bruce said. "Wow. There are cave paintings. Come and look."

Bonnie followed him inside. "Thereís a picture of a boat, and some people. I wonder who drew these?"

"Probably Vikings, or early Picts," Bruce said. "Where are we anyway?"

"I saw a sign back there that said we were in Wemyss. I have no idea how to pronounce that though," Bonnie smiled.

"Ah. The Wemyss caves. Iíve heard of these caves." Just then water started pouring into the cave. "The tideís coming in."

"Weíd better get out of here," Bonnie said, but before she could move and inch, hundreds of gray crabs came crawling out of the rocks, heading towards the rising water. "Yikes! Look at the crabs!"


"Do crabs eat butterflies?" Bruce asked, quite concerned.

"I think they eat anything. Iím gone," Bonnie said and flew into the air and out of the cave just as another wave rolled in. Fluttering in the air, she added, "Look, Bruce. The water has swept up all the crabs. The wave is filled with them. Letís get out of here."

They flew outside. It was storming. The gray clouds were now black and rain was falling all around. "Which is worse, rain or crabs?" Bruce sighed. "Letís head inland. Itís probably not raining in the country."

"Good idea," Bonnie said, flapping her wings up and down. They flew off towards the green forests, leaving the caves of Wemyss, the rain, the waves and the crabs behind them.

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