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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Shaky Toun

"I hope weíve seen the last of the rain. My wings canít take much more," Bonnie complained. "This is a lovely area. Where are we now, Bruce?"

"Weíre flying over Perthshire now. Say, thereís a lovely little town called Comrie, not too far from here. They have a lot of flowers there. I was here once before, long ago. Are you feeling peckish?" Bruce asked.

"Iím quite hungry. I could go with a few sips of nectar. Lovely flowers, lovely town; I say we head there," Bonnie answered.

The butterflies fluttered their wings and headed towards Comrie. "Bonnie, the Romans used to call Comrie, Victoria. It also has a nickname, Shaky Toun," he chuckled.

"Shaky Toun? Whatever for?" Bonnie asked.

"Youíll find out. Oh good, thereís the mountains and thereís Melville Monument," Bruce pointed out.

"Whatís Melville Monument, may I ask?"

"Itís built on Dunmore Peak. I think it was built in the early 1800ísÖ1811, I believe," Bruce said.

"Who is Melville? Hermann Melville?" Bonnie asked.

"No, donít be silly. It was built to commemorate the first lord of Melville, Henry Dundas. It was struck by lightning once."

"What a view. This is grand. I can see all the way to Edinburgh from here," Bonnie said, surprised. "Thereís Comrie down there, right?"

They looked that way. "Yes, Bonnie. Thatís it. Before we head there though, would you like to see a waterfall?"


"Itís called Deilís Cauldron or the Devilís Kettle. Thereís a legend that says that a water elf named Uris-Chidh lives there and heís very mischievous," Bruce said.

"I donít want to go there then. Letís look at it from above. I donít like water elves," Bonnie said fearfully.

"All right, weíll watch from above. There it is," Bruce said, showing her the falls. A roaring sound came from below as the water cascaded and plunged downwards.

"Pretty, and look at all the spray and mist," Bonnie said. "Iím nervous. I donít want Uris-Chidh to get us. Letís go to Comrie right now."

They flew off. "The water elf wouldnít have gotten you, Bonnie. Itís just a legend," Bruce chided.

Comrie was a quiet town. They landed in a garden filled with primroses, lady slippers and iris. Bonnie began to sip the nectar. Bruce sat on an iris leaf, looking around. Suddenly the ground began to shake, rumble and sway. "Whatís happening? The ground is shaking? Help?" Bonnie cried as she held onto a stem so she wouldnít fall. "Help!" She was very afraid.

Shaky Toun

After about a minute, the ground stop shaking. "Remember how I told you one of the nicknames for Comrie was Shaky Toun? Thatís why. It sits on a fault and there are many many small earthquakes," Bruce explained.

"Earthquakes? Water elves? What are you doing to me, Bruce, bringing me to a place like this?" Bonnie squealed.

"Relax, itís a lovely town, as you said. Come on, letís finish eating and look around. Youíll see, itís safe." The butterflies fluttered around. They saw lochs and rivers, people hunting, birds of all kinds, foxes, raccoons and deer.

"This is nice, Bruce. Thanks for bringing me here," Bonnie said.

Comrie was a wonderful day for the butterflies. They flew off, heading north, happy that they were getting to visit such wonderful towns in Scotland.

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