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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Way up North

"Look at the dolphins!" Bruce squealed in delight. "There are five of them. See how they jump out of the water!"

"I see them. Theyíre beautiful. Oh, look, Bruce. There are some seals in the water too. Is that a whale?" Bonnie asked.

"Oh, it is! This is exciting, seeing dolphins, seals and whales at the same time!" Bruce cheered.

"We must be at the very north of Scotland by now, arenít we?" Bonnie asked.

"Yep! Weíre near a village called Durness. There are so many things to see and do in this area. I heard some butterflies talking about it when we were down south," Bruce said.

"You listen to everything, donít you?" she chuckled.

"Just about. Itís how you learn things. There is a cave nearby, called Smoo Cave. Itís the largest limestone cave in Britain, with a huge entrance and a blowhole too. Also, Cape Wrath, which is the most northwesterly point in all of Britain, is not far, about sixteen or seventeen miles west. Thereís a lighthouse there and itís very rocky with tall cliffs," Bruce explained.

"Sounds nice, but my wings are a bit tired to go much further right now. How about heading for Durness and finding some flowers to sip on?" Bonnie begged.

"Sure, Bonnie," Bruce smiled and the two butterflies headed into the village.

"Puffins!" Bonnie said, pointing at the birds as they flew by.

"Theyíre called the Clowns of the Sea. They look like clowns, donít they? I love their beaks. Theyíre so colorful. Oh, thereís Durness now," Bruce pointed.

They flew past a sign. "What is that other word under Durness?" Bonnie wondered. "I canít even pronounce it, D-i-u-r-a-n-a-i-s."

"Itís the name of the town in Gaelic. A lot of the people up here in the north still speak Gaelic, the old Scottish language," Bruce said.

"I see. What do the people do who live here? Itís quite nippy and windy. All I can see are sheep," Bonnie asked.

"Iím sure raising sheep is what they do and fishing," Bruce said as the butterflies landed on a wooden fence post. "I donít know if weíll find flowers up here. Weíre at the very top of the country."

"Even up here, there will be flowers. Itís summer and people love flowers, no matter where they live. My proboscis will find them," Bonnie smiled. They flew off, searching for flowers. "Aha. There you go. I see some color down there in that back garden."

"Youíre right, Bonnie. There are flowers. What are they though?" Bruce asked.

Way up North

"Theyíre morning glories and theyíre lovely. Look how pretty the blue is, and the purple, and the pink ones too. You know why people plant morning glories, donít you, Bruce?" Bonnie chuckled.

"No! Because theyíre pretty?"

"Because morning glories keep fairies away," Bonnie answered.

"Whatís so bad about fairies?" Bruce questioned.

"Nothing, to us, but people they are afraid of them."

"I wonder why? Never mind, letís have a bite to eat then. You take the blue flowers. Iíll take the pink," Bruce suggested. As they sipped, Bruce added, "They have stone circles around here, sort of like Stonehenge, in England, but not as big or as famous. The mountains are made of Lewisian Gneiss."

"What is Lewisian Gneiss?" laughed Bonnie.

"Itís a type of rock. Look at the mountains. Theyíre dark and rugged, arenít they? There is also a lot of moorland too."

"Iím sure the moors are covered with mosquitoes at this time of year. Letís avoid that area!" Bonnie urged.

As they sipped the nectar, a wind began to blow. Rain began to fall. The butterflies hid under the leaves as the rain beat down. "It does rain hard here," Bruce said. "Weíd better stay under the leaves until it passes."

Just then a small kitten came scurrying towards them. It skidded and landed with a thud, right next to the butterflies. "MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!" it went.

"Poor kitten. It wants to share the leaves with us. It doesnít like the rain either," Bonnie said.

After a while the rain stopped and the sun came out from behind the clouds. "MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!" went the kitten and then it ran away.

"Funny thing, that was. Cute little kitten, though," Bruce said. "Back to the morning glories?" he asked.

"Youíve got that right," Bonnie smiled. "Say, when weíre done here, letís head for that Smoo Cave and then on to Cape Wrath. Iím in the mood to see more of this most-northerly stuff."

"Anything you say," Bruce answered and the two butterflies went back to sipping the nectar.

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