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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Standing Stones

"I love the Western Isles, though I must say, itís a bit breezy here," Bonnie said, straightening her bent antenna. "Iím glad Iíve got an extra layer of fuzz on this time of year."

"It can be nippy here. Ah, thereís Lewis, our first stop. I really wanted to show you the Standing Stones of Callanish," Bruce said.

"Is it warmer there?" Bonnie asked.

"There are plenty of stones to stand behind and theyíre large enough to block the wind," Bruce told her.

"Good. I see them now," she said, pointing. "Oh, they are magnificent and Iím sure you know all there is to know about them. Am I correct?"

"Well, yes, I do know a lot about them. Theyíre over 4000 years old and there are 53 stones, with 13 in the center," he began.

"They are also very light gray. What kind of stone is that?" Bonnie wondered.

"Itís that Lewisian gneiss again. Remember, we saw some stones made of that before?"

"Oh yes. I do remember that odd name."

"The stones were probably used for things such as predicting eclipses and such. There are plenty of stones scattered about the island. Itís mostly peat, which means boggy and marshy. Letís land behind that stone in the center. It seems to be the largest," Bruce suggested.

When they touched the ground, it felt spongy to them. The stones did block the wind. Bonnie leaned against the stone. "What a relief. Finally Iím not freezing anymore!"

"Oh look, a mushroom," Bruce said. "In fact there are several of them."

"I see them. Do you think there are any flowers about? It is rather chilly here."

"Iím sure there are wildflowers. Say, once you warm up, thereís this whalebone arch down on the beach. Itís made of the jaws of a whale and its quite interesting, so Iím told."

"Maybe the beach will be warmer than it is here. Letís go and find the whalebone right now," Bonnie said. The two butterflies fluttered down to the beach. They spotted the arch right away and flew towards it. Bonnie noticed two seals lying in the sand not far away. "Look at the seals!"

Standing Stones

"I suggest we go quietly and not disturb them." They landed on the top of the arch.

One of the seals opened is eyes and looked at the two butterflies. "ARF! ARF! ARF!" The seal began to bark at them. The other one woke up too. They sat up and headed towards the arch. "ARF! ARF! ARF!"

"Yikes! They canít reach us way up here, can they?" Bruce wondered.

"I donít think so. Just stay still for a bit," Bonnie urged.

The seals came right under the butterflies and started throwing sand at them with their flippers. "Stop that!" Bonnie shouted. Sand flew everywhere.

"ARF! ARF! ARF!" The seals kept on tossing the sand.

"Itís getting in my eyes," Bruce whined.

"I guess the seals donít want us on their beach," Bonnie said and flew into the air. "Thatís much better. The sand canít reach us now." Bruce joined her and they flew away from the beach, leaving the barking seals behind them. After a while, Bonnie asked, "Whereís the nearest city?"

"Itís called Stornoway. Itís the capital. Iím sure there is somewhere warm there and probably a flower garden or two too," Bruce said.

Stornoway is a busy ferry port. Boats go in and out of the harbor constantly. Many of them fishing boats as there is a large fishing industry in the town. "You know what happens when the fishing boats come in, donít you?" Bonnie said.

"Yes, birds."

"And here they come, right on schedule. Yikes!" Bonnie called. "Letís get out of here. NOW!"

The two butterflies fluttered away from the sea just as the boats came in with their daily catch. Swarms of seagulls followed and filled the air like midges. "Weíve got to be more careful of these fishing villages," Bruce snickered and they flew towards a patch of yellow gorse for a good nightís rest.

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