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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Boats, Cheese and Dandelions

"Look at those buildings? Iíve never seen such bright colors before on walls," Bonnie smiled.

"This is Tobermory. Itís on the Isle of Mull. They are rather picturesque, but weíve seen bright buildings before. Remember Pittenweem?" Bruce said.

"Oh yes, but these are lovely colors. Is this the main village on the island?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes and itís a busy harbor as you can see," Bruce said. The two butterflies were perched on top of a shipís mast. It bobbed up and down as the silent waves rolled in softly against the harbor wall. "Bonnie, I think Iíd like to go to dry land. Iím feeling a bit seasick. This boat is rocking."

Bonnie laughed, "Hee hee, Bruce. You get seasick. Iíd have never guessed. I sort of enjoy this rolling action, going up and down, up and down, up and down."

"Enough, Bonnie. Iíve got to get off this ship," Bruce said, feeling green. He flew off and landed on the harbor wall. "I feel dizzy."

Bonnie landed next to him. "You havenít got sea legs, Bruce. Weíll sit here for a while. This is quite the harbor."

"I can tell you a bit about it, if youíd like," Bruce replied.

"Sure, Bruce. Iíd expect nothing less."

"There is buried treasure in that bay," he said.


"Supposedly. During the days of the Spanish Armada, in about 1588, a ship called San Juan de Sicilia was blown up. It was supposedly filled with gold and treasure though none has ever been found."

"Wow. What else is around here?" Bonnie asked.

"Are you in the mood to see some cheese? I heard thereís a farm inland that makes cheese. Itís a family farm, with a Celtic name. They coat their cheese in green wax and black wax."

"Iíd love to go and see that and I think you need some inland air to get your mind off the sea," Bonnie laughed. They flew toward Sgriob-ruadh Farm. "This is beautiful. Look at the cows! There are a lot of them."

"How else do you think they get cheese, silly," Bruce chided.

"Letís go to the barn," Bonnie said, flying towards it.

"Most of the cheese is kept in a safe place where it is clean and well guarded but now and then bits fall onto the ground and all the little field mice come to gather them. Look at them over there," Bruce said. There were several pieces of cheese on a bed of hay and mice were crawling on it, nibbling away.

Boats, Cheese and Dandelions

"Theyíre kind of cute, arenít they? Where there is cheese, I guess youíll find a mouse or two. If I ate cheese, then Iíd do the same thing. Do you think there are flowers around here?" Bonnie asked.

"We happened to fly over a field filled with bright, sunny yellow dandelions. Should we go there?" Bruce suggested.

"Letís," Bonnie answered. They found the field of dandelions. "Heaven," Bonnie sighed.

"I like this place. Itís not even that cold here and look how blue the sky is," Bruce noted.

"Weíll have to come back here again someday," Bonnie said. "Tobermory, Mull. Iíll make note of that."

They sipped dandelion nectar and fell asleep on the soft, yellow, fluffy flowers. At least Bruce couldnít get seasick on them!

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