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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Carrot a day

Jimbo Dibblenip was a strange man indeed, different from all the other men in the village. While they worked hard as farmers, blacksmiths, and grocers, Jimbo Dibblenip stayed home and held his bag.

All the villagers wondered what Jimbo kept in the bag, but nobody ever was invited to his house, so they didn't know.

One day Frederick Hopperlum, a rabbit, overheard some of the villagers talking about Jimbo. “If only we could find out what was in that bag! I'm sure it's full of gold, or rubies, or diamonds.”

Frederick came up with a brilliant idea. He ran to his burrow and picked up his basket. He  headed straight for Dalbert Jones's garden and picked ten of the biggest carrots, putting them in his basket. Even though it was heavy, he carried it over to Jimbo Dibblenip's house.

Jimbo stood outside the wall, pacing back and forth. Frederick hopped over to him. “Jimbo, I have some carrots here. They say that if you eat one a day you'll have magic powers. I will give all ten of these carrots if you'll let me see what's in your bag.”

Jimbo mumbled a few words and hugged his bag closer.

“Ten carrots! That's a lot of carrots. There are people in the village who would do anything to get these carrots, but I'm giving them to you for just one glimpse inside the bag.” Frederick took a carrot up to Jimbo. “See it. It's big and orange and crunchy and ever so tasty.”

Jimbo looked at the carrots. “They do look delicious and I'm very hungry. All I have to do is let you look inside the bag? You won't try to take them from me, will you?”

Frederick Hopperlum grew excited with anticipation. “I promise I won't take them from you, whatever they are. 

Jimbo opened the bag. “Have a look.”

Frederick glanced inside. “Rocks? That's it? Not gold, jewels or fairy dust?”

“They are my pet rocks. I take them with me wherever I go.” Jimbo closed the bag and held it to his chest. “Now, give me the carrots.”

“I'm not going to give you these delicious carrots just to see a bunch of rocks.” Frederick put the carrots back in the basket and was about to leave when Jimbo shouted.

“You promised. If you don't give me the carrots I'll fry you up and eat you for dinner, along with the carrots.” Jimbo scowled in anger.

“Huh! I'm not scared at all.” Frederick started walking away.

Jimbo took one of his rocks out of the bag and tossed it at the rabbit. Frederick fell to the ground.

That night Jimbo feasted on roasted rabbit with carrots and nobody in town ever found out what was in the bag.

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