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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Festival Day

Sung-Li and her three daughters had looked forward to the Spring Festival for the last three months.

“Mama, can we have moon cakes?” Ming-Mei put her arms out to the side and danced around the room. “I love moon cakes, Mama.”

Ming-Li giggled. “Mama, can we pick cherry blossoms and bring a bag home?”

“Mama, I want to buy a cricket in a cage and a Chinese lantern.” Ming-Su grabbed her sister's hands and danced with her. “We're going to the Spring Festival!”

Sung-Li smiled when she looked at her three girls. “Ming-Mei, you can have all the moon cakes you want. Ming-Li, you can pick two bags of cherry blossoms of you want and Ming-Su, you can have a cricket in a golden cage. I will have the Chinese lantern for myself. Now, let's go to the festival.”

Sung-Li took Ming Mei's hand. Ming-Mei  took Ming-Li's hand and Ming Li took Ming-Su's hand. Together they walked to the park.

Chinese lanterns hung from every tree. Green, orange, purple and blue ones danced in the wind, the candles inside flickering. The trees were full of pink blossoms that filled the air with a sweet, flowery scent.

“I want to go and look for a cricket,” Ming-Su said. She let go of Ming-Li's hand and ran off.

“Wait! Ming-Su. Come back.” Ming-Li shouted at her sister. Ming-Su didn't listen. “Mama! Mama! Ming-Su ran off to look for a cricket in a cage. She is lost. What should we do?”

Sung-Li frowned. “You two stay right here, near these lanterns. I will go and look for Ming-Su. Mama left the two girls and went in search of her lost daughter. “I wonder where she is.” Sung-Li. “I wonder if she is painting a scroll.” Sung-Li looked for her near booth where children painted scrolls with black ink. She was not there.

I wonder if she went to find something to eat. Maybe I should buy the girls some jiaozi, a steamed dumpling, or the sweet glutinous rice pudding called nian gao. I should buy Ming-Mei a moon cake.” Sung-Li walked around for a long time. Finally she saw Ming-Su standing in front of the cricket cages.

Ming-Su saw her mama. “Oh, Mama. Look at the crickets. This one sings and is in a beautiful golden cage. Can I have it, Mama?”

Sung-Li scolded her daughter. “Ming-Su, we have been worried about you. You ran off without telling us where you were going.”

“I'm sorry, Mama. I was just so excited to have a cricket.” Ming-Su pouted.

“Very well, Ming-Su. You can have the cricket, but you must promise to stay by me and your sisters the rest of the day.”

“I promise, Mama.” Ming-Su carried the tiny cage.

A few minutes later they arrived back at the lanterns. “Mama, Ming-Su, you're back. We were worried.” Ming-Li hugged her sister.

“Look what Mama bought me? It's a cricket. I will call him Chang.” Ming-Su held up the cage.

“Girls, we are going to go right now and buy Ming-Mei her moon pies.” Sung-Li led them across the grass. “How many would you like, Ming-Mei?”

“I want five of them, Mama.” Ming-Mei was so excited when Mama put five of them in her small hand. “Mama, I want to give one to Ming-Li and one to Ming-Su and I want you to have one. I'll have two for myself.” She passed them out to the others.

“That was very kind, Ming-Mei. Now, we will go and fill up bags of cherry blossoms of Ming-Li.” Sung-Li led her girls to the trees. Thousands of pink blossoms fell when the breeze blew. The girls ran around gathering handfuls.

“They smell pretty,” Ming-Li said. “I love them.”

They filled four bags with blossoms.

“I've got my cherry blossoms. Ming-Mei has her moon pies and Ming-Su has her cricket. What about you, Mama?”

“I think I will buy a red Chinese lantern. It will match our dresses.” Sung-Li picked out the biggest lantern she could find. “It's time to go home now. Are you ready?”

None of them really wanted to leave. “Can't we stay and watch the fireworks tonight, Mama?” Ming-Mei pleaded.

“Fireworks? Of course. Let's take our things home first and have some supper and then we'll come back and watch the fireworks. Maybe there will be a dragon.” Sung-Li smiled and took her girls home.

Later that night they went back to the park. They sat on the grass and watched as a long dragon came towards them, blowing fireworks from it's nose. Explosions, booms, thunderous claps of smoke went on for hours. When it was finished, Mama took them home. She tucked her girls into bed. “I hope you all had fun today at the Spring Festival.”

“I did,” said Ming-Mei. “I ate one of my moon pies tonight and I will eat the other tomorrow.”

“I had fun, Mama. I poured all my blossoms into a big bowl, so everyone can smell them any time they want.” Ming-Li kissed her mama's cheek.

“I had fun too, Mama and so did Chang. His cage is by the window so he can look outside.” Ming-Su pointed to her new friend.

“Good night, my sweet girls.” Sung-Li pulled the blankets up around them.

“Good night, Mama.” Soon all of the girls lay quietly while thoughts of their fun time at the Spring Festival rocked them to sleep.

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