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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
A Visit To the City

“Tommy, you're going to go visit your grandma Naomi for a week. You'll have such fun. She lives in the big city. You can go shopping and see lots of cars and interesting people.” Mrs. Harmon smiled at her son.

“But I don't want to leave you and Daddy. I like it here on the farm. What will the ducks do if I'm not here to feed them?” Tommy wiped a tear from his cheek

“Oh, Tommy. I'll take care of the ducks. Your grandma wants to spend time with you.”

Tommy looked up at his mother. “Okay, Mom. I'll go.”

The next day they drove to the city. Tommy saw  tall buildings. “Those buildings are higher than Mr. Johann's oak tree.”

They saw cars of every color and size and all sorts of shops and restaurants. When they pulled up in front of Grandma Naomi's apartment building, she stood waiting for them. “Tommy! I'm so happy that you are coming to visit me.” She hugged him and took his suitcase.

After waving goodbye to his mother, Tommy followed his grandma inside. A man stood at the door and opened it for them and then they took an elevator way up to the top floor. Tommy noticed pigeons flying from one building's rooftop to another. One or two landed on the balcony. “Grandma, can I go out on the balcony? There are pigeons out there.”

“Yes, of course. Why don't you take a glass of lemonade and you can look out at the city.” She handed him a tall, frosty glass of icy juice.

Tommy stood at the railing. He could barely see the sun because the buildings blocked his view. The pigeons flew down when they saw him nibbling on a cookie. He crumbled it up and held out his hands. The pigeons landed on his arm and ate the pieces. Tommy laughed.

Grandma Naomi took him to the zoo, to toy store, a fancy restaurant where he had to wear a tie, and for a ride up to the top of the tallest building. Each night when they went back to her apartment, he stood outside and fed the pigeons.

The week went by and soon it was time for his mother to pick him up. He packed his suitcase and went into the living room. “Grandma, thank you for letting me come. I had fun. I'll remember this for as long as I live.” He ran into her arms and hugged her tight.

When his mom pulled up, he climbed in the car.

 “Did you have fun?” His mother questioned the tearful boy. “I took good care of your ducks.”

Tommy said, “Mom, I had fun. There were pigeons and Grandma let me feed them cookie crumbs. She took me shopping and see that tall building? We went to the top of it and looked out over the whole city.”

As they drove away, Tommy knelt on the back seat. He waved goodbye to his Grandma Naomi. When they arrived back at the farm, he ran around searching for his ducks. He petted the cows and the sheep. “I had fun with my grandma,” he said to one of the pigs, “but it's sure nice to be home.”

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