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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Crawford Family goes on a picnic

Chapter One

One day my mum and my dad took us wee ones to the park for a picnic. We took Noodles and Zoe with us. The dog and cat love to run around in the bushes and trees. Sometimes Zoe chases birds and Noodles chases squirrels. Other times they lie in the shade and sleep.

Chapter Two

Mum spread out a blanket on the grass. Dad picked up the picnic basket and put it down on the blanket. Alec, Ethan and I sat down in the grass, wondering what was inside the basket. Mum opened the lid and took out a bowl of fried chicken. It smelled so good. I was hungry. Ethan started clapping his hands. He was excited about the picnic. Dad took a bowl of potato salad and put it on the blanket and then reached in for a bag of potato crisps, a plate of gooey chocolate brownies and a jar of dill pickles that were as fat as Ethanís arm.

Chapter Three

Mum gave us each a plate and put some of everything on it. Ethan gobbled down his fried chicken leg and then chewed on the pickle. It was sour. I could tell because his face got all scrunched up and his eyes puckered. He ate it anyway. Alec ate his food fast so that he could have the biggest brownie. He put it in his mouth and chewed it in one bite. Chocolate oozed out onto his face and made me laugh. I ate the potato salad. I love the way Mum makes it. She puts celery, eggs, chopped pickle, cheese in with the potatoes and mixes it with mayonnaise. I had two spoonfuls of it and ate every bit. The chicken tasted good but I had to lick my fingers when I  finished eating it. The potato crisps tasted like salt and vinegar.

Chapter Four

Noodles smelled the food. He came running over with his tail wagging. Dad gave him some chicken that he pulled off the bone. He said that dogs canít eat chicken bones. Noodles licked the plate clean, even the little pieces of pickle that Ethan spit out. Zoe doesnít like fried chicken but Mum opened a can of tuna fish for her and she ate and ate and ate. Her breath smelled horrible. Noodles licked the can after Zoe ran away.

Chapter Five

We cleaned up the food and put it all back into the picnic basket. Mum and Dad lay on the blanket to take a nap. I took Ethan to the swings and Alec played with his yoyo. I didnít push Ethan too high because I didnít want him to fall off. He giggled a lot. I took him to the top of the slippery slide and held him in my lap. We slid down the slide and landed at the bottom. I almost fell in the sand with Ethan. Noodles ran over and licked my face. He smelled like tuna fish.

Chapter Six

Mum woke up and took Ethan and I down to the lake in the middle of the park. Ducks floated on the water and there were fish underneath. They were orange. Mum brought a bag of bread and we broke each slice into small pieces and threw them into the water for the fish. The fish swam up to the surface and ate the bread, but the ducks came along and ate it too. One duck ate the bread right out of Ethanís hand. The ducks made a lot of noise. Quack! Quack! Quack!

Chapter Seven

It was time to go home. Once there were no more slices of bread, the fish swam away and the ducks flew back to the middle of the lake. Dad drove us home. I carried the picnic basket in the house for Mum. Ethan wanted to help, so Mum let him carry the blanket. I love picnics. Dad promised we could go again soon.

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