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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Crocodile in the Pond

Seven tortoises headed for the pond to have a swim and then do some sunbathing.  It was a warm day with plenty of blue sky. Birds chirped in the trees and the smell of flowers filled the air.

As they neared the pond one of the tortoises heard a noise. “Stop. I heard something,” said Tommy.

“What?” Timmy pulled his head into the shell.

“I think it was a crocodile,” Tommy said.

“There are no crocodiles in the pond,” Todd said.

A loud roar bellowed from the pond. All the tortoises were so afraid that they ran, as fast as tortoises can run, back into the woods. They bumped into each other and tripped, but finally they made it to the safety of the woods. They stayed there for an hour.

Todd said, “Listen, whatever that was, it wasn’t a crocodile. It was probably just the sound of the wind.”

“It didn’t sound like wind to me. It sounded like a bear,” Terry said.

“Let’s go back to the pond. I want to swim,” Tina said.

The seven tortoises headed back to the pond. They were half way there when a loud roar bellowed from the pond.

“Oh no! Not again. The crocodile is back. I’m outta here.” Tina turned around and headed back to the woods. The others followed, bumping into each other and falling on their faces.

Once they were in the woods they waited. Another hour passed. “Do you still think it was the wind?” Terry looked at Tina.

“I don’t think it was the wind, but there are no crocodiles in that pond,” Tina said.

“I don’t think there are either. We haven’t heard the sound in a whole hour. Let’s go back there,” said Tommy.

One by one the tortoises headed for the pond. This time they made it all the way to the edge of the water. Tommy slid under. He stuck his head out. “This is so cool and refreshing.”

Seeing as how there was no roar, the others slipped into the water. After a few minutest Terry gulped. “Uh, guys, there’s a crocodile in here. I can see it’s beady eyes.”

The others turned to see. “Yikes!” They swam over to the bank and climbed out and ran as fast as their fat, chubby legs would take them. They bashed into tree trunks and tripped over rocks, but didn’t stop until they were safe and hidden by the trees.

Just then a large frog leaped out of the water. It had big beady eyes and croaked so loud that it sounded like a roar.

Tina smiled. “It wasn’t a crocodile after all. It was just a frog. I’m going back for a swim.”  She went right into the water and swam about.

The others followed and spent the whole day swimming and lying on the rocks, happy there was no crocodile.

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