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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Did You Hear?

"Did you hear about Gemma? She got into trouble from Mrs. Noble for cheating on her exams," Samantha said. "I heard that Emily got a bad mark on her last exam too."

"Samantha, you shouldnít talk about people all the time. One day youíll do something wrong and people will gossip about you. You wonít like that, will you?" her friend, Hayley said.

"Iím not gossiping! Iím just telling you what I heard. Oh, and by the way, Matthew McGregor was going to ask Natasha Hogg to go to the chip shop, but found out she never brushes her teeth!"

"Samantha! Thatís a horrible thing to say. I like Natasha and I see nothing wrong with her teeth. You really need to stop gossiping!" Hayley said and walked away.

Samantha sat at the table, watching her friend walk away. "Well! Sheís in a bad mood. I wonder what happened to her?" Just then Rachel and Holly walked past. "Say, Rachel, have you heard anything about Hayley?"

"No, why? Is she sick or something?" Rachel asked.

"Somethingís wrong. Sheís in a bad mood, like sheís sick or something," Samantha said.

"I hope sheís not got a disease!" Holly said.

"Well, come on, Holly. Weíll be late for class," Rachel said and they walked away.

Did You Hear?Samantha thought about what Holly had said. "I wonder if sheís got a disease. Iíll go and ask Robert." She headed for class and sat down next to Robert. "Pssst, Robert. What sort of disease does Hayley have?"

Robert looked up from his book. "What do you mean?"

"Hayleyís got something wrong with her, a disease or something," Samantha said.

The teacher walked into the room and told the class to begin reading Chapter 11 in their Scottish History book. Samantha opened hers but wasnít reading. Just then Robert whispered, "I wonder if sheís got a brain tumor? I read about it last night."

"Do brain tumors make you in a bad mood?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, because you feel horrible and are in pain. Poor Hayley!" Robert sighed.

Samantha couldnít read a word. She was too upset. She stared at the words as her mind raced. Her best friend, Hayley had a brain tumor! After history class was over, Samantha hurried to her next class. Before the teacher came in, she stood at the front of the room. "Did you all hear about Hayley? Sheís got a brain tumor! Sheís not been feeling well lately and been in a bad mood, but of course, thatís because sheís in so much pain. The whole class gasped.

"I donít believe it. I saw Hayley a few minutes ago and she seemed fine," Thomas said.

"Itís true. Robert told me so," Samantha frowned.

The teacher. Mr. Semple, came into the room. "Whatís going on here?" he asked.

"Hayleyís got a brain tumor and is going to die," Samantha explained. "Sheís been in horrible pain and can hardly walk."

"Oh dear, thatís terrible," the teacher replied.

When school was over, Hayley put all her books into her backpack and headed out the door. "Hayley," shouted Mr. Semple, "Iím so sorry to hear about you being sick. Is there anything I can do?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, curiously.

"I heard about your brain tumor. Iím so sorry."

"What brain tumor? I donít have a brain tumor! Who told you that I had a brain tumor?" Hayley shouted.

"Why, it was Samantha. She was very concerned about you, said you were so ill that you couldnít walk. Then, itís not true?" he asked, apologetically.

"No, itís not true. Iím fine. I need to talk to Samantha. Excuse me, Mr. Semple," Hayley said and ran towards Samanthaís house. She knocked on the door. "Samantha, you are a gossip and a liar. I donít have a brain tumor. Why are you telling everyone that I have one and that I am sick and going to die! I donít ever want to speak to you again!"

Samantha stood at the door in shock. Hayley was her best friend and now she was so angry with her that she never wanted to speak to her again. That night, Samantha went to Hayleyís house. Hayley opened the door. "What do you want!" she scowled.

"Iím sorry, Hayley. It all got blown out of proportion. I didnít mean to gossip. I promise you Iíll never gossip again," Samantha said, hanging her head.

"Well, all right, if you promise, but you have to go to school tomorrow and tell everyone that I am not sick and that I donít have a brain tumor and that you made it up," Hayley demanded.

"If thatís what you want. I have got to keep my big mouth shut from now on," Samantha said. "Friends again?" she smiled.

"Friends," Hayley said.

Samantha learned a valuable lesson that day Ė not to gossip. She stopped saying things about people and minded her own business. She soon discovered that she had more friends and that people liked being around her instead of avoiding her. Gossiping is bad!

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