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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Bragging Dragonfly

The Bragging Dragonfly

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz! The blue dragonfly whizzed back and forth across the pond. "Iím the most beautiful insect in the glen," Billy said. "Iíve got gossamer wings that look like they belong on a fairy. My body is slender and sleek and I make sounds as I fly around. Ants canít do that, neither can butterflies." He flew over a ladybug. "Hey, ladybug. Donít you wish you were as wonderful as me?" The ladybug looked up at him and scoffed. An ant came walking out from behind a rock. "Hey, ant. Look at me! Iím beautiful. Youíre an awful boring red color. Too bad you arenít as great as me," Billy boasted. The ant looked at the dragonfly and shook its head back and forth.

This went on all day long. Billy flew near the fish in the pond. He shouted things at them. He whizzed around the flowers and bragged about himself to the bumblebees and beetles. One morning Billy flew down to the pond. It was a quiet day. The water was calm. "Oh look! I can see myself in the pond. Donít I look beautiful? Look at my wings. Theyíre especially perfect today!"

Farquahard, the fish, stuck his head out of the water and said, "Billy, youíd better stop boasting about yourself. We are all wonderful in our own way. You arenít better than any of the rest of us."

Billy started to laugh. "Surely you canít be serious. Just look at me and then look at yourself. You arenít blue and beautiful. Youíre purple and you have scales and youíre slimy."

"Iím a fish. Thatís the way fish are!" Farquahard said. He was so angry that he slipped back under the water and disappeared.

Another dragonfly happened to be whizzing by. "Hi Billy," she said. "Do you like to fly down by the pond? Itís dangerous down here."

"What? How could it be dangerous? Donít be so silly. I come down here every day to see my reflection in the water. Just look at me. Youíre looking veryÖorangeÖ.today," he sneered.

Doris looked angrily at Billy. "I am orange and I like it that way. I am the same color as the flowers. Youíre not very nice. Iím leaving," she said and flew away.

"Good riddance," Billy said. "Thereís only room here for one dragonfly."

Billy whizzed around the pond, stopping now and then to admire his reflection. Just then a frog hopped onto one of the lily pads. Billy didnít see it. Its red tongue shot out of its mouth and grabbed Billy. Soon it was munching him all up.

Farquahard watched from below the water. He started to laugh. "Youíre not so beautiful any more, are you, Billy?" He blew some bubbles and swam away.

Life at the pond was much quieter after that. The ladybugs, ants, bumblebees and beetles could come for a drink without having to worry about Billy and his boasting!

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