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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
I Lost My Earring

Jenna loved her grandmother. They did a lot of things together. Some days they went shopping and Grandmother bought Jenna new clothes. Other days they went to the zoo, or to get an ice cream. Sometimes they went to the cinema and watched a movie. Whatever they did, they always had fun.

Jenna's birthday was coming up in two days. Her grandmother had already invited her to spend the day with her. She was taking Jenna to the zoo. Jenna was so excited she could hardly wait. Her mum and dad were glad Grandmother and Jenna got along so well. It made them happy to see the two of them together.

Grandmother took the bus to Jenna's house and then they took another bus to the zoo. "Before we go inside, Jenna, I want to give you a birthday present." She handed Jenna a box.

When Jenna opened it she was surprised. "Gold earrings. They're beautiful. Thank you, Grandmother."

"They belonged to my grandmother and now I'm giving them to you. I hope you'll pass them on to your granddaughter some day."

"I will. Thank you." Jenna took them out of the box and put them in her ears.

"They looks pretty on you. That's because you're a pretty girl." Grandmother kissed Jenna on the cheek. "Let's go and see the monkeys."

They stopped and saw the hippos, the elephants, the crocodiles and the polar bears. When they reached the monkey house, Jenna started imitating the monkeys by scratching her head. She felt her ear. "Oh no! One of my earrings is missing, Grandmother. Where is it?" Jenna cried and looked all over. "I can't see it. Oh no!"

"Don't cry, Jenna. We'll find it."

They walked back the way they'd come, looking on the ground. They stopped at the polar bears, but there was no sign of the missing earring. They stopped by the crocodiles, the elephants and the hippos. "It's lost, Grandmother. It's gone forever. I lost your earrings! I'm so sorry." Jenna sat on a bench and sobbed. Grandmother sat next to her and put her arms around her.

A little boy came walking past. He stopped and stared at Jenna and her grandmother. "Can I help you, little boy?" Grandmother smiled at him.

"I was looking at that girl who is crying. She's only got one earring. I found this." He handed Grandmother the missing earring.

"You found it? You found my earring! Thank you. Now this is the happiest birthday I've ever had." Jenna hugged her grandmother.

"For being such a good little boy and finding the earring, why don't you and your mum come with us and we'll buy you an ice cream for a reward," Grandmother said.

They spent the afternoon together eating ice cream with strawberry topping and lots of nuts and whipped cream. Jenna laughed and had a very happy birthday with her grandmother.

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