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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Sharing An Easter Basket

“It's not easy being an Easter bunny. The closer it gets to Easter, the harder I have to work,” Jamie said. He put the wheel barrow full of eggs next to his hole in the ground. “I can't rest until I've filled my tunnel full of eggs. Jack, the main Easter bunny is coming over soon to pick them up.”

A yellow canary flew down from the top of the pile of eggs. “Why is it your job to paint all these eggs? Why can't Jack do it himself?”

“Because it's my job. We all have our jobs and mine is painting the eggs,” Jamie said.

“I'm glad I'm not an Easter bunny. I don't like to paint,” the canary said. “Where do you get all the colors?”

“I get the purple from crushed violets, the blue from crushed thistles, the pink from carnations, yellow from dandelions and all the other colors come from other flowers.”

“You mean you have to do all that and then paint them. Do you use a paintbrush?” The canary flew up to a branch.

“Yes, I use a paintbrush. Why do you ask so many questions?” The bunny started pouring the eggs into his tunnel, filling it up to the top.

“I don't believe in the Easter bunny. I've never had an Easter basket full of chocolate eggs, or painted ones either. I think Easter is a bunch of ho hum.” The canary flew away.

Jack hopped by to pick up all of Jamie's colored eggs. “Thanks, Jamie. I know it's hard work. At least now your part of it is over. I have to deliver them all. Sigh. Oh, by the way, here is your basket. I put in several chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny and some marshmallow chicks. Happy Easter!” Jack hopped away after filling his Easter bag with the eggs.

Jamie climbed down into his hole with his basket of treats. He was glad to have all the eggs gone. The chocolate eggs were wrapped in bright pink, blue or yellow foil. He unwrapped one and was about to pop it in his mouth when he thought of the canary. “He's never had an Easter basket.”

Jamie ate one chocolate egg, since he'd already peeled the foil wrapper off and then he climbed back out of the hole. He carried the basket over to the canary's bird nest and left it down at the bottom of the tree with a note.

The canary flew off to find a worm and when he got back he saw the basket. He read the note. “Happy Easter, from your friend, Jamie.”

A tear ran down the canary's face. He carried the basket up to his nest. “I finally got my very own basket. Thanks Jamie.” The chocolate disappeared quickly. “That was delicious.”

That night the canary gathered all the berries she could find and put them in the empty basket. She flew over to Farmer Bill's garden and pulled out three of the biggest carrots she could find and put them in the basket. She wrote a note and put it outside of Jamie's tunnel.

He woke up and saw the basket full of berries and carrots. “It's from the canary. Nice things do happen when you do nice things for others,” and he nibbled on a carrot.

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