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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Easter Egg Island

Baydan Bunny and his friends, Connor Chick, Dorie Duck, and Lexy Lamb.

"The waves are high. Iím afraid," Connor Chick cried.

"Whose idea was it to build a raft and go for a sail anyway?" Lexy Lamb asked.

"It was Baydanís idea," Dorie Duck whimpered. "I donít like these big waves. Iím scared too."

Baydan Bunny was afraid himself, but didnít let his friends know. "I didnít know we were going to have a storm. Letís look at this as an adventure." He tried to smile but when a huge wave crashed over the raft, nearly knocking all of them into the raging sea, Baydan started to cry, as did the others.

"I see land," Connor shouted, pointing to the east. "Itís an island."

"Maybe the waves will carry us there. We seem to be heading straight for it," Lexy sighed.

She was right. The waves washed the raft and the four tired animals onto the beach. They lay in the sand, among seashells, crabs, and flotsam. The rain stopped and the clouds turned fluffy and white, instead of dark gray. "At least weíre safe now," Dorie quacked. "I wonder where we are?" She stood up and waddled across the sand towards some palm trees.

"I hope there are no cannibals or horrible creatures on this island," Conner frowned.

"Donít worry about it. Iím sure there arenít," Baydan said.

"Wait for me, Dorie. Iíll come with you," Lexy shouted, running towards the duck.

Connor and Baydan walked up and down the beach. "Look at all the seashells. I think Iíll gather some for my shell collection," Conner chirped.

Baydan looked up into the trees. "I think there are coconuts growing on those palms. If I climb the tree and pick some, maybe the others wonít be so angry with me." He hopped over to the bottom and looked up. "Those are the strangest looking coconuts Iíve ever seen. Since when are coconuts pink?" He climbed the tree and when he reached the top he gasped. "These arenít coconuts. Theyíre Easter Eggs!" He started to laugh. His nose twitched and his fluffy tail wiggled back and forth. He picked an armful and climbed back down.

When Connor had gathered plenty of shells, he carried them over to Baydan. "What have you got there?" he asked, dropping the shells in the sand.

"Easter Eggs. Arenít they pretty?" Baydan smiled. "Some of them are chocolate and some are real eggs, depending on what tree you pick them from."

"Wow! Easter eggs! Easter Egg Island," Connor squeaked.

"Look what we found," Dorie shouted, running towards the bunny and the chick.

"We found Easter eggs," Lexy began to baa.

"Baydan found some too. Weíre going to call this place Easter Egg Island," Connor said.

The four of them feasted on chocolate eggs until they were full. "I donít care if we ever get off this island now," Dorie quacked.

The next morning, before the sun was too high in the sky, they picked more Easter eggs and gobbled them down. They did this every day for a week. On the eighth day they got up as usual to gather eggs. "There are no more eggs on this tree," Baydan said.

"There are none on this tree either," Connor pouted.

They went from tree to tree, all over the island. There wasnít one Easter egg left on any of the trees. "We ate them all," Lexy frowned. "We were greedy and ate too many eggs at one time. Now there are none left."

"Oh no! What are we going to do?" Dorie cried. "Weíre going to starve to death."

"When I was down at the lagoon," Baydan began, "I saw fish in the water. They were swimming through the coral."

"I like fish," Dorie smiled, realizing she wouldnít starve after all.

"Lambs donít eat fish. Neither do bunnies or chicks," Lexy replied.

"What do lambs eat?" Dorie asked.

"We eat flowers and grass most of the time," Lexy said.

"Thereís a lot of that on the island. What about bunnies? What do you eat, Baydan?" Dorie questioned.

"Bunnies eat carrots, turnips, leeks, and other vegetables," he answered.

"When Lexy and I were exploring the island, I saw some vegetables. What about you, Connor? What do chicks eat?" Dorie enquired.

"Chicks eat seed and corn. Itís delicious, but not as good as Easter eggs," Connor answered.

"Thereís something for all of us on this island. Maybe in a few weeks the Easter eggs will grow back. We just have to remember not to be greedy and just eat a few each day instead of every egg on the tree," Dorie said.

Dorie was right. The Easter eggs grew back on the trees after a month. They knew that if they ate them all, theyíd have to wait for a long time before they would grow back, so each day Dorie ate fish, Connor ate his seed, Baydan nibbled on wild carrots, and Lexy ate grass and flowers. Each night, before they went to sleep, Baydan climbed the tree and picked one egg for each of them.

"I love Easter Egg Island," Connor smiled.

"Me too," the others answered.

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