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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Hide and Seek

Autumn was in the air. The nights were crisp and the midnight sky was clear. The stars twinkled and sparkled and the moon was full and bright. Periwinkle Glen was ablaze with color. The leaves on all the trees were turning different shades of reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Marigold, a tiny fairy, was playing with her friend, Grasshopper. They were jumping over stones. Grasshopper always won as he could jump higher and further than Marigold, but she had fun trying. "You always jump higher than me, Grasshopper, but there are a lot of things that I can do good too. I can kiss the buttercups and open the rosebuds," she laughed.

Grasshopper jumped as far as he could and landed in a pile of golden leaves. Theyíd fallen from an oak tree. "I can do that too," Marigold shouted, but instead of jumping, she flew and landed next to Grasshopper. She started laughing and rolling about in the leaves.

"Letís play a game of hide and seek. You count to ten and Iíll hide," she said. Grasshopper shut his eyes and Marigold hid. She ran behind a stone and tucked her orange dress and wings behind her. She bent her head down. Her dark brown hair touched the ground. She giggled as she heard Grasshopper jumping around looking for. BOING! BOING! BOING! She lifted her head and peeked. Just then, Grasshopper landed on the stone, right in front of Marigold. "You found me," she smiled.

"Itís my turn to count. You hide and Iíll find you," she said. Grasshopper hopped over to a hollow tree trunk and jumped inside. "Here I come," Marigold called out and started searching for her friend. She looked behind the oak tree. She looked under the stone. She parted the tall, waving blades of grass and looked. Grasshopper was nowhere to be found. "I wonder where he is hiding?" She heard a noise. It sounded like Grasshopperís giggle. She ran over to the tree trunk and peeked inside. "There you are. I found you," she called.

Grasshopper jumped out of the tree trunk. "Itís my turn to hide now," Marigold said. This time she was going to make sure Grasshopper couldnít find her. He counted and she ran over to a pile of leaves. She searched for some that were orange-colored, like her dress, and pulled them on top of her. Soon she heard Grasshopper hopping about looking for her. BOING! BOING! BOING! "Heíll never find me," she giggled softly.

Grasshopper couldnít find her. In fact he looked for so long that Marigold ended up falling asleep under the leaves. Grasshopper tired of looking and hopped down to the stream to get a drink of water and rested on a stem of a sunflower.

A while later, Marigold woke up. "He still hasnít found me," she thought, She had no idea how long sheíd been sleeping for. "Iím here," she said, lifting the leaves off her. "Grasshopper? Grasshopper? Where are you?" she wondered. She yawned and stretched and went looking for her friend. She found him down at the stream. "There you are. You were supposed to be looking for me, not me looking for you," she said. Grasshopper hopped off the sunflower stem and landed next to Marigold. "Iím tired of playing hide and seek. Letís go and find something to eat now," she said and flew off towards the woods. Grasshopper hopped behind her. It had been a fun day for them both.

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