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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Footprints in the sand

Nadia and her duckling, Oscar, woke up to the sunshine on their feathers. “What should we do today, Oscar,” Nadia asked.

“I want to go to the beach,” he said.

“That's a good idea.” She stretched and walked down the path with her duckling by her side. “Should we go right now, or wait until later?”

“Let's go to the pond and eat first. There's a lot of fish in the pond. When we're full, we can go to the beach,” Oscar said.

“Very well.” Nadia headed for the pond.

“How come it's the same thing every day, Mama. We sleep and we get up and go to the pond and swim. What about tomorrow?” Oscar flapped his tiny wings.

“Tomorrow takes care of itself, Oscar,” Nadia said.

They feasted on fish and then flew off.

An hour later they landed in the sand. The waves rolled in, gently lapping at the grains. Nadia took Oscar's wing and they walked along the beach. She stopped and turned to look back. “Oscar, do you see what we're doing?”

The duckling turned to the sea. “What, Mama?”

“We're leaving footprints in the sand. Look at them. They stretch as far as the eye can see, all the way across the beach,” Nadia said.

Oscar giggled. He walked back and forth and around in circles, making footprints. “This is fun, Mama. I'm making a design.”

Nadia laughed at her son. She enjoyed his antics.

A wave rolled in and washed away some of Oscar's footprints. “Mama, look what the water did.” He pointed to the now smooth sand.

“Go and make some more then, quickly.” Nadia shooed him with her wing.

Oscar ran to the freshly cleaned sand and ran around making footprints, but no sooner had he done so when another wave washed them away.

“Mama, it did it again.” Oscar folded his wings in anger

“You need to stay up here, away from the water. The sand isn't as wet, but you can still leave your footprints,” Nadia said.

Oscar ran up to where she stood. “Good idea, Mama.” He ran all over the sand and then back to his mama. “Look how many I made.”

Another wave rolled in and this time came clear up to their feet. “Mama! The wave ate my footprints in the sand!” He fell to the ground and cried. “I want them back.”

Nadia picked up her duckling and cradled him in her wings. “This is the way nature is, Oscar. The tide goes out and it comes in. The good thing is that you can make more anytime you want to. Yes, they might wash away, but you've got the power to make more and that's something you should be happy about.”

Oscar looked at his webbed feet and then grinned. “You're right, Mama. I can make footprints in the sand any time I want. I will tomorrow.”

Nadia flew toward the horizon with Oscar right behind her. “Yes, Oscar, tomorrow's another day.”

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