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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis


The two budgies, Chalmers and Edme looked thru the bars of their cage. "I wish I could get out of here, just for an hour," Chalmers said. "Iíd love to fly out the window and explore the world outside."

"What if the cat got you? Erskine is always sitting on the floor watching us. I know he wants to eat us," Edme said.

"Heís a cat. Heís lazy. All Erskine does is sleep. Iím sure he rarely goes outside," Chalmers sighed. "I wonder if I used my beak if I could open the door to the birdcage."

"Donít do that! Erskine could stick his paw in and catch one of us," Edme feared.

"You come with me then. Both of us deserve to go outside for a while. Itís a sunny day today, a rare thing in this part of Scotland. Letís take advantage of it and enjoy the outdoors," Chalmers coaxed. Without waiting for an answer he began to peck at the door with his beak. "It worked!" he shouted as the door swung open. "Weíd better hurry before Erskine comes in the room." He flew out of the cage and right out the living room window.

"Wait for me," Edme squawked and followed Chalmers.

They both landed on a branch of the tree in the back garden. "Freedom! Just look around. Isnít it lovely?" Chalmers asked.

"It is rather lovely. I do have to admit that. There are chrysanthemums over there. Arenít they beautiful? Och, thereís some daisies and look at the heather. Chalmers, it is wonderful out here," Edme laughed.

"Yes it is. Arenít you glad you came? Look at the sky. Itís particularly blue today. Oh, Edme, look over there. Arenít those robins?" Chalmers said.

Edme looked around. "They are. Those are the first birds Iíve ever seen, besides you. Letís sit here for a while and enjoy everything around us."

The birds perched on the branch of the tree. Chalmers was a beautiful pale blue bird. He noticed that his coloring matched the sky. Edme was bright green, the same color as the new spring leaves. Neither of the budgies noticed that Erskine had come out of the house. He was stretching his legs and yawning. He noticed them in the tree. "Whatís this?" he whispered. "Is that Edme and Chalmers out of their cage?" The cat ran back inside to see. The cage was empty. He ran back outside. "Well, well, well. Iíve been waiting a long time to catch those two budgies. Nowís my chance." He snuck over to the tree and began to climb up the trunk.

"Chalmers, I think weíve been out here long enough. Iíve got a bad feeling suddenly. Letís go inside," Edme said, feeling very nervous.

"Whatís wrong, Edme? Weíre perfectly safe up here," Chalmers scoffed.

Just then Erskine climbed onto the branch with them. He crept silently towards the blue budgie. "Chalmers! Look out!" Edme shouted. Chalmers turned around just in time to see Erskine leap towards him. He flew into the air. Edme was already heading back to the birdcage.

"Wait for me!" Chalmers squealed. He flew as fast as he could into the cage. He slammed the door behind him and made sure it was locked.

Erskine sat on the tree limb. "Drat! I almost had them."

"Chalmers, I am never leaving this cage again. We were almost eaten by that cat. I didnít even see him come out of the house, never mind climb the tree," Edme said, her heart pounding.

Chalmers took some deep breaths. "I think youíre right, Edme. That cat is too sneaky."

From then on the two budgies were happy inside the cage. They had plenty to eat and drink and were safe from Erskine.

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