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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Green Glass Balls

“Jonah, where did you get those green balls from?” Darby picked one up and examined it.

“I found them in the woods. They were lying around the bottom of a huge tree. They’re pretty cool, aren’t they?” Jonah held one near his eye. “They sparkle. I think they’re magical.”

“Magical glass balls? Why would someone leave them lying around in the woods for anyone to find?” Darby scoffed.

“I don’t know. Maybe I should make a wish and see what happens. What do you think?” Jonah rubbed one of the balls with his fingers.

“Wait. What are you going to wish for?” Darby’s eyes twinkled with excitement. “Make it a good wish.”

“I will. I wish I was in Scotland.” Jonah closed his eyes. He didn’t feel anything so he peeked out one of his eyes. “Did it work? Am I in Scotland?”

“No and that was a stupid wish. Why didn’t you wish for a bag of gold, or a big house, or a year’s supply of food?” Darby folded his arms across his chest.

“It didn’t work, so why worry about it.”

“What if it had? You’d have ended up in Scotland. It’s freezing cold there and all it does is rain.” Darby shook his head. “Scotland. Bah!”

“I love Scotland. There are thistles and bluebells and heather. It’s pretty. If I lived there I’d have my very own castle and I’d wear a kilt.” Jonah grinned at the thought.

“Let’s go back to the tree where you found them. Maybe there’s some sort of clue as to what the green balls are for. You lead the way, Jonah.” Darby followed his friend deep into the woods.

“Here it is. This is the tree.”

“It looks sort of scary. I’ve never seen so many leaves before. It’s not a haunted tree, is it?” Darby stepped back. Both glanced at the tree. A pair of eyes opened on the trunk. “Jonah, do you see what I see? The tree is alive.”

Jonah watched as the eyes opened wider and a mouth appeared. He gasped. “Who are you?”

The tree smiled. “My name is Green Man. I see you’ve gathered some of my berries.”

Jonah looked at the balls in his hands. “These are berries?”

“What did you think they were?” The tree laughed.

“Magic glass balls,” Darby blurted. “We thought we could make a wish.”

Jonah saw all the acorns around the green man’s face. “You sure have a lot of acorns.”

“I do. I’m always looking for more. Come closer, both of you, and I’ll tell you a secret.” The tree whispered as they stepped closer. Neither saw a twig moving behind them. It touched them on the shoulder and POOF! They turned into acorns. Green Man put them right above his eyes and laughed. “Magic glass balls. Ha!” He closed his eyes and stood silent as a small boy and his sister came closer to gather the berries.

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