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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Help Me Find My Ham Bone!

Mungo licked his paws. Heíd just finished devouring a delicious bone that heíd buried in his back garden several months ago. He ran over to a rain puddle to have a sip of water and saw his reflection. He had a gray beard and tuft of hair on top of his head. The rest of his fur was black. His ears were big and floppy and he was a rather small dog. Mungo often buried bones in his back garden and dug them up later on.

One rainy day he was feeling particularly in the mood for a snack. He wasnít so sure if he wanted to go outside and get all wet, but when his tummy started to growl, he ran out through the doggie door into the pelting rain. "Where did I bury that ham bone?" he wondered, running around the grass, sniffing. "Did I bury it next to the oak tree or did I bury it over in the bed of daffodils?" He couldnít remember. "I might have buried it next to the cabbages." Not sure about anything, he started to think. "I know. Iíll go and get some of my pals to come and help me find it."

He ran to every house on the street and asked his pals to come and help him dig for the bone. Luckily it had stopped raining. Soon the back garden was filled with dogs.

"I found it," shouted Lizzie. She came running over to Mungo with a bone in her mouth.

"Thatís not my ham bone," he snarled.

"Can I eat it then?" she asked.

"Oh, go ahead," Mungo said and went back to digging for his bone.

"I found it," called Edward. He ran over to Mungo carrying a small bone.

"Thatís not my ham bone," he growled.

"Can I eat it then?" he asked.

"Oh, go ahead," Mungo said and went back to digging for his ham bone.

A few minutes later, Ian shouted, "I found your ham bone." He ran over to Mungo and showed him the bone.

"Thatís not my ham bone either," Mungo frowned.

"Can I eat it then?" he asked.

"Oh, go ahead," Mungo said and went back to digging for his ham bone.

"I found it!" cried Annie. She picked up the big bone and ran over to Mungo.

"Thatís not my ham bone," he sighed.

"Can I eat it then?" she asked.

"Oh, go ahead," Mungo said and went back to digging for his ham bone.

After a while Mungo stopped digging. No matter where he had started digging, he couldnít find his ham bone. He looked around the back garden. There was Lizzie, Edwards, Ian, and Annie, and they were all sitting on the ground eating bones. "Hey! Those are my bones," Mungo realized.

"You said it wasnít your ham bone and I could eat it," Lizzie reminded him, as she munched and crunched the bone.

"Yes, you told us all that we could eat the bones," Ian added.

Help Me Find My Ham Bone!

Mungoís friends were all chewing his bones. They were crunching, and munching bones and licking their lips. Mungo was the only dog not eating. The dogs had just finished their bones when it began to sprinkle. They ran home to get out of the rain. Mungo stayed out in the wet weather all day searching for his ham bone, but never did find it. In fact, he didnít find any more bones because all his friends had dug them up and gobbled them down.

From then on, Mungo made sure that he remembered where each of his bones were buried and never again asked his friends to come over and help him!

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