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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Kitty Gets His Way

The cat lay sprawled on the back of Susan's favorite red chair. Susan came into the room and saw it. “Silly kitty. Why are you sleeping on my chair and not in your basket?” She picked the cat up and carried it to his basket. “Stay in your own bed.” When Susan went out to play she took her favorite ball with her. At the park she found several friends. They played ball for an hour and then Susan went home.

When she walked into the house she saw the cat sprawled on the back of her favorite chair again. “Kitty! This is my chair. You can't sleep on it. You have to sleep in your basket.” She picked him up and plopped him down in his bed. “Stay here.”

Susan's mom called her for supper. She ran to the table. “Mom, supper looks delicious.” She piled her plate high with green beans, mashed potatoes, meat loaf and a fluffy roll. “Look, Mom. I ate every single thing on my plate.”

Her mom was pleased to see her eat and told her to go and read a book.

Susan went to her bedroom and picked out three books. “I'm going to go and sit in my favorite chair and read.” She skipped down the hall, but when she went into the living room, she wasn't very happy.  “Kitty! Why are you sprawled all over the back of my chair.” Susan's voice grew angrier as she scolded the cat. “Bad kitty. Bad, bad, bad kitty. I don't want to have to tell you this again. This is Susan's chair, not kitty's.” She picked the cat off and carried it through to his basket. This time she dropped him in it. “Do not ever lay on my chair again.”

Once the kitty had been told off, Susan went to her chair and read her books. While she was finishing her third book, she saw the cat come into the living room. “What do you think you're doing? I hope you weren't on your way to this chair. No way, kitty.”

The cat looked at Susan. He walked over to her chair and rubbed himself against her legs, purring.

“Trying to soften me up, are you?” Susan folded her arms across her chest. “It won't work.”

The cat's rough tongue licked Susan's legs and he purred again.

“Oh kitty. Come here.”

The cat jumped up in her lap. She petted it and stroked it and it purred and nudged her with its head.

“All right. I give up. You can lay on the back of my chair.” Susan let him go and he leaped up on the back.

Susan smiled. The cat was happy and content, so she finished her book.

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