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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Horsing Around

"Neigh," went the chestnut-colored horse. It kicked the dirt and sent dust flying into the air and into Billy's eyes and mouth. He could hardly see a thing. He rubbed them and tried to brush the dust off his body.

Billy thought about what his mother had told him that morning. "Don't go to the horse farm without taking someone with you who knows about horses. Horses are tricky and it might be dangerous."

He'd ignored his mother and had run over to the horse farm, sneaking over the fence and into the horse corral.

He had just brushed the dirt from his hair when all of a sudden, WHACK! Something hit him and threw him flying through the air. He crashed right into a tree. "What was that?"

He looked over at the horse and saw it swinging its tail in the dusty air. "The horse's tail hit me!"

Billy stood and tried to avoid the horse, but just then several other horses came running towards him. Their manes blew in the wind as they galloped by, making such a breeze, that it blew Billy to the ground. His arms went one way; his legs went the other.

He landed with a plop, right in the center of a bunch of sunflowers. Billy stood again and picked the leaves from his hair. "I think I've had enough of the horse farm. It's too dangerous out here."

Billy ran home. "Mom! Mom! You were right."

"About what, Billy?"

"I didn't listen to you and went to the horse farm by myself. It is a dangerous place to go." Billy hugged his mom.

"I'll tell you what. Let me finish typing up my letter and I'll take you over there. I know a lot about horses."

"That would be great, Mom."

Later on that day Billy and his mom went back to the horse farm. She took her son's hand and walked over to the horse. "Stroke his neck, like this." She showed him how and he followed.

"Watch out for the tail, Mom," Billy warned.

"Try to stay away from the back of a horse. It's much more fun stroking their neck. Here, give the horse a carrot."

Billy fed the orange vegetable to the horse. He also gave him some sugar cubes and the horse even licked his face. "That was fun, Mom. Thanks for taking me. I'll never come here again by myself."

Mom took his hand and they walked home together.

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