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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Ian & Mac Stories - The Circus Comes To Town - Chapter 5

"This has been great fun," Ian sighed, leaning back against a willow tree. "Iíll be glad to get back home though to the quietness of the woods."

The two raccoons had woken up from a long nap and had decided to take a walk before the last show that night. Mac was lying in the tall grass near Ianís paws. "Itís been quite the experience and a lot of fun, I agree, but Iím like you; Iíll be glad to get back home tomorrow. I canít wait to swim in the stream and catch a fish and around the crofts, sneaking corn on the cob and cucumbers from their gardens."

Ian and Mac sighed. "But, Mac, tonight weíve got one more show. At least we donít have to wear those awful pink tutus again. That was down right embarrassing," Ian laughed.

"No more frills and lace for me. Tonight we get to be clowns. We get to wear costumes and a red rubber nose and do all kinds of fun things like spray the audience with water. Wonít that be fun?" Mac chuckled.

"Aye," Ian agreed. A lark sat on a branch in the willow tree. It began to sing. Ian and Mac looked up. "Youíd never hear anything like that in the circus. All you hear is blaring horns and elephants screeching and tigers roaring. I still donít like that tiger," Ian said.

"Well, Ian, as much as Iím enjoying the shade and the peace, itís time to head over to the costume trailer. The sun will be setting soon. Come on," Mac said and stood up. They walked to the costume trailer and opened the door.

"There you are, lads. Come on inside. Itís time for you to get into your clown costumes," the costume lady told them. "Be careful when you walk with those big shoes on," she said, pointing to some long red shoes. "Youíll find everything you need over there, including your rubber noses. Cheerio then for now." She walked out, leaving the two raccoons to get dressed.

"You look like a clown," Ian laughed, seeing Mac in his outfit. "I love the baggy clothes. I didnít realize I looked so good in bright yellow with purple, green and blue spots. And look at you. You look dandy in your dark blue with orange, yellow and red spots. Weíre quite the clowns."

Mac started to laugh. "You sound funny talking with that rubber nose on. It makes you sound nasally."

"You sound like you just swallowed a frog and look at that wig. Youíre quite pretty with red hair," Ian teased. He pulled his hat on. It had a big pom pom on top. "Off we go," he said.

They walked towards the big tent. "Itís very difficult to walk in these shoes, just like she said," Mac agreed. "Iíll have to be careful not to trip. You too, Ian."

Just as the Circus Master announced the beginning of the last show for the night, Ian and Mac came into the tent. "And now, while we bring in the tiger for his grand finale performance, the clowns will entertain you. Bring on the clowns!" he shouted and the audience began to clap.

"Time to put on the act," Mac said and the two ran into the tent. Mac walked back and forth in front of the crowd, making faces and tickling children. Ian squirted some big boys and laughed when they wiped their faces off. Mac did handstands and cartwheels and Ian jumped high in the air and kicked his feet out. What a great time they had. The children laughed and even the grownups did too.

The tiger began to roar and did its act and the trapeze artists swung overhead. Ian and Mac threw handfuls of sweeties out into the audience and tooted some toy horns. Jock walked into the ring and waved to Mac to come there. Mac ran over. "This is for you," Jock said and showed Mac a wee car. "Climb in and drive it around."

Mac was very excited. Heíd never driven a car before. He climbed in and turned it on. When it started to move he quickly grabbed the wheel. With a little instruction from Jock, Mac was soon whizzing around the tent. When he came near Ian, he jumped on and sat on the front of it as Mac drove around. Ian waved to everyone. "This is great!" Mac said.

And so it went for several hours. When the Circus Master announced the end of the show, he had Ian and Mac come out and take a bow, along with all the other performers. The raccoons headed back to the costume trailer and took off their clown suits. When they walked out of the trailer, Jock, the costume lady and the Circus Master stood there, along with Sheena, the elephant. "We just wanted to say goodbye and tell you thanks for helping out. The dogs are feeling much better now and will be able to do the shows tomorrow."

Ian and Mac said goodbye to their new friends and headed home to their tree in the woods. They climbed up to the top, found a comfortable branch and lay down. "Good night Ian," Mac said.

"Good night, Mac," Ian replied and the two fell asleep, exhausted after their day at the circus.

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