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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Ian & Mac Stories - Naughty or Nice?

"Can you believe itís Christmas Eve, Mac?" Ian giggled. He was so excited. "We donít even need a Christmas tree because weíre surrounded by them. I wonder if Santa Claus will leave us a present?"

"Ian, go to sleep. Last year he left us one. Why wouldnít he this year? Have you been naughty?" Mac mocked.

"No! Iíve been very nice this year. Well, actually, I think I was a bit naughty this year. You were too. Remember when we went to Maggie Nobleís house and took the blackberry pie from her window ledge? Do you think Santa will think that was naughty? Oh, no! What if Santa doesnít leave us a present?" Ian cried.

"It wasnít that naughty, Ian. Uh oh. I just thought of something else we did naughty," Mac said. "Remember when we went into town and broke into the bakery shop? We locked the cat in the car and took all the raisin scones, tarts and biscuits."

"That was naughty! Oh dear, I donít think Santaís going to leave us a thing. We were naughty. We knocked all Mrs. Rutherfordís washing off her line, we tipped over all the rubbish bins, we tricked Jessie Carnie into thinking she ran over us. Remember that, Mac? You lay in the street and she thought sheíd run you over. That was very naughty of us," Ian said.

Mac started to laugh. "It was naughty, but it was sure funny. Hee hee hee."

"Santa wonít think itís funny. Did we do anything nice this year?" Ian wondered, "or was everything we did naughty?"

"We did a lot of nice things too. We babysat little Molly. That was nice. We took care of all the baby animals when the wind blew all the trees down. That was nice too," Mac said.

"Youíre right. I suppose weíd better get to sleep so Santa can come. Yawn!" Ian smiled, feeling better about the whole thing.

The two raccoons fell asleep in their tree. They didnít hear Santaís sleigh bells jingle as he landed in the woods at the bottom of their tree. They didnít hear the reindeer snort as they nibbled on the grasses and they didnít hear a word when Santa called his reindeer by name, "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!"

When the sun rose over the heather covered hills in the morning, Ian and Mac jumped up. "Mac! Itís Christmas morning. Do you think Santa came?"

Mac jumped up. He was quite excited too. "Iím sure he did."

They climbed down to the bottom of the tree. "There are no presents," Ian sighed, seeing nothing.

"Well, maybe he left them under a pine tree for us. Our tree is an oak tree. Itís not a Christmas tree!" Mac said.

They wandered around looking under all the pine trees growing in the woods. They couldnít find one present. "Mac? We must have been really naughty. Santa didnít leave us one thing." Ian sat on a tree stump and pouted.

Just then, Mac saw something sticking out from a hole in their tree trunk. "Whatís that?" Mac said, running to the tree. "It looks like a present!"

Ian ran to Mac. They both saw the shiny red paper. "Take it out, Mac. Itís a present."

Mac pulled the present out. It had a tag on it that said, "TO MAC".

"Itís for you, Mac. Is there another for me in there?" Ian asked.

Mac stuck his paw in the hole and pulled out a present wrapped in shiny gold paper. "Itís for you. It says ĎTO IANí."

Ian started to giggle and jump about. The raccoons sat down on the grass and opened their presents. "WOW! Santa left me a wonderful present. I have a bag of hazelnuts, a jar of raspberry jam, three jars of currants and chocolate bar. Wait, thereís a note in here too." Ian opened the letter and read it. "Dear Ian. Merry Christmas. This year you did a lot of naughty things. I almost didnít leave you any presents, but you did a lot of nice things too. Next year I expect you to do more nice things than naughty. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

"You were lucky, Ian," Mac sighed. "Look what he left me. Iíve got a new scarf. Itís very nice, isnít it? I think I suit blue, donít you?" He wrapped the scarf around his neck. "He also left me some lemon drops, cashews and a fishing pole. Och, I got a note too. Let me read it. ĎDear Mac, you were rather naughty too. It wasnít just Ian. Behave yourself next year and Iíll bring you some matching mittens. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!í."

"Weíd better behave ourselves next year. Now, letís enjoy our presents. Would you like to share my raspberry jam?" Ian asked.

The two raccoons spent the whole day looking at their Christmas gifts. They were very thankful that Santa had brought them anything at all and promised each other that they would try to be a little less naughty next year.

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