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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Ian & Mac Stories - Yo! Ho! Ho! A Pirateís Treasure!

Ian and Mac went for a walk along the beach. It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, seagulls were flying to and fro, and the beach grasses were green and blowing in the gentle breeze. "Whatís that out there?" Ian pointed towards a speck on the water.

Mac put his hand over his eyes to look. The sun was so bright that it was sparkling on the waves and made it difficult to see. "It looks like a boat. Itís the funniest looking boat Iíve ever seen though. It has sails. Och no! Look at the flag! Itís a pirate ship."

"A pirate ship? There are no pirates anymore, are there?" Ian questioned.

"Thereís at least one and they just lowered a rowboat. Letís hide behind this sand dune and watch," Mac urged. The two raccoons hid as a small boat headed for shore. Five men jumped out. "They are pirates, Ian. Look at their clothes," Mac whispered.

"They look funny. Who wears striped socks anymore and hats like that?" Ian giggled.

"Pirates! They must have been on a deserted island or something and donít realize what year it is," Mac said softly.

The pirates started shouting at each other and then two of them lifted a huge chest out of the small boat. "Itís a treasure chest," Ian said. "Do you think itís full of food?"

"It might be. Letís watch and see what they do with it," Mac said.

The raccoons watched as the pirates began to dig a deep hole in the sand. "What are they doing?" Ian wondered. "Theyíre digging a big hole but what for? Surely theyíre not going to put the treasure chest filled with food in there, are they?"

"Quiet, Ian. Theyíve stopped digging. Och, aye, theyíre taking a break. Weíd better move. Theyíre coming our way," Mac said.

Ian and Mac scurried further down the beach and hid behind a cluster of trees. "Theyíre drinking something now and singing songs. I think theyíre tired. When they fall asleep, why donít we go and open the treasure chest and take the food. Theyíll never suspect us," Ian said.

"Good idea. There we go. Theyíre all falling off now. Come on, quietly though. Iíd hate to have them catch us. They might make us wear their socks. Hee hee," Mac chuckled.

Ever so quietly, the two raccoons crept towards the treasure chest. "The pirates are snoring, Mac," Ian giggled.

When they reached the chest, the two of them lifted the lid. "GOLD!" Ian shouted. "JEWELS! This isnít treasure. Itís not food."

"Quiet! Youíll wake them up," Mac cautioned, but it was too late.

"Well, lads, yeíve found our treasure chest. Trying to sneak a little for yourselves were ye," one of the pirates said.

"YIKES!" Ian gulped.

The pirate pulled a sword out of his pants. "Iíll show ye what we do to raccoons who try to steal our treasure," he shouted and raised the sharp blade into the air.

"YIKES!" Mac shouted.

The two raccoons didnít wait another second. They ran as fast as they could into the woods. "Iíll get ye," the pirate shouted and ran after them.

Ian and Mac ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and didnít stop until they were back at their tree. "Do you see the pirate, Mac?" Ian whispered.

They looked down. "No, I donít think he came this far into the woods."

"Iím staying up here for a week, until Iím sure those pirates are gone," Ian shivered in terror. And they did just that. For a solid week Ian and Mac sat up at the top of their tree.

"I think theyíre gone now," Mac said one morning. "We should go down to the beach and see though, and make sure."

"What if theyíre there?" Ian shook.

"I donít think they will be. Letís go," Mac said. "Iím hungry and need a walk."

Hesitantly the two of them headed for the beach. Whenever Ian heard a noise, he ran and hid. "Stop it right now," Mac said. "Youíre acting like a baby. Come on, weíre nearly there."

They reached the beach. Mac peeked over the sand dune. The ship was gone. "Weíre safe. No sign of the pirates."

Relieved, Ian stood up. There was no ship, no pirates, no swords and no treasure chest. "I wonder if they buried the treasure chest," Ian said.

"Letís go and have a look," Mac urged. They walked towards the spot where the pirates had dug their hole. There was a mound there. "Yep. It looks like they did bury it, but what do we care. Itís only gold and jewels. Thereís no food."

"Youíre right, Mac. Letís forget about it then and go find some berries for breakfast," Ian said. As he searched through the woods around the beach he heard a noise. He turned around and there was a Jolly Roger flag with its skull and cross bones. "YIKES!" he shouted and ran as fast as he could, passing Mac. "Itís the pirates."

Mac ran behind him and they went all the way back to the tree. "You saw the pirates?" Mac asked, out of breath.

"Well, not exactly. It was a flag with a skeleton face on it, but it scared me," Ian said, quite embarrassed.

"Ian! Iíll be right back," Mac said. He ran down to the beach, found the Jolly Roger and brought it back to the tree.

"What have you brought that thing back here for?" Ian said. "I donít like it."

"Thereís no use in leaving it there to rot in the waves and wind. We can use it to keep the rain out," Mac smiled.

That night, as Ian lay on the branch trying to go to sleep, the face on the flag kept looking at him. "I canít sleep, Mac. Not with that skull looking at me. Turn it over the other way."

Mac, seeing he had no choice, if he wanted any sleep that night, switched the skull so it faced the sky. Finally, Ian fell asleep. Mac thought about the pirates and the treasure chest and how sad it was that there hadnít been food in it, and then joined Ian for a good nightís sleep.

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