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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Ian & Mac Stories - The Lost Raccoon

It was one of those glorious autumn afternoons when the sun was shining and there was just a slight nip in the air. The colorful leaves crunched under Ian and Macís paws. Acorns, olive green with tan caps, fell from the trees around the two raccoons. It was a perfect autumn day.

Ian and Mac ran through the woods and out on the heather-covered hills. Today they were going to enjoy running around, being free. As usual, Ian began to feel hungry. "Mac, do you suppose we could stop for a bite to eat?" Ian asked.

"And just what do you think weíre going to find in the heather?" Mac answered.

"Help me lift up this rock. There are probably some roly-poly bugs under there, or a worm or two." Mac helped Ian lift the rock. "Aha, there they are," Ian said, reaching for the wiggly bugs. He popped them into his mouth, crunching them and then swallowing. "Delicious," he said. "Help me with this rock too," he asked.

"Ian, I donít want to spend the whole day lifting rocks. Iím not partial to worms anyway," Mac sighed.

Just then they heard a muffled cry. WAAH! WAAH! WAAH!

"What was that?" Ian asked.

"It sounded like a baby," Mac answered.


"It doesnít sound very happy. Maybe weíd better look for it. What if itís lost?" Ian said.

"The crying is coming from this way," Mac said, running towards it.


The two raccoons stopped at the top of the hill. Sitting among a patch of mushrooms was a wee raccoon. It was a wee lassie raccoon. She had big brown eyes, soft gray-brown fur and a striped tail, just like theirs. "Why, itís a wee thing," Mac said. "Whatís the matter, sweetie?" Mac asked her.

Sniffle. Sniffle. "Iím lost. I canít find my mummy. WAAH! WAAH! WAAH!" she screamed.

"Calm down there. Weíll help you find your mummy. First, tell us your name," Mac said.

"My name is Molly. I want my mummy! WAAH! WAAH!"

"My name is Mac and this is Ian. Weíll help you find her. Donít worry sweetie. Come on, take my hand and weíll go and look for her."

She jumped up, managed a big smile, wiped the tears off her cheeks and took Macís hand. Ian took Mollyís other hand. They ran down the hill, swinging Molly high into the air. "Letís look for her down by the stream," Ian suggested.

"Good idea, Ian. She might be there looking for a fish."

They ran down to the stream and looked all around. There were a lot of fish swimming about but no mummy raccoon. "Say, Molly. Are you hungry? Would you like Ian to catch you a fish?" Mac asked.

"Yes," she said, happily.

Ian jumped into the water. Brrrrr, it was cold. He tried to catch a fat trout. He caught one in his hand but it wiggled around so much that it made Ian fall into the water. Molly started to laugh. She thought that was pretty funny. Ian stood up, dripping from head to toe. "Fish," Molly said. Ian got his balance and caught another fish in his hands. It wiggled about and he nearly fell again but managed to toss the fish onto the bank near Macís feet. It squirmed and tried to get back to the stream but Mac stepped on its tail. "Fish," Molly said again. Mac picked it up once it stopped wiggling about and handed it to Molly. She must have been very hungry as she gobbled it down.

"Now catch one for us," Mac ordered.

Ian spent the next hour trying to catch two more fish. He caught one quickly and gave it to Mac but every time he caught another, it wiggled out of his hands and swam away. Finally Ian gave up. "Iíll do without this time," he said.

"WAAH! WAAH! WAAH! I want my mummy," Molly said, suddenly realizing her mummy wasnít there.

"Weíll find her sweetie. Letís go into the woods. Maybe sheís in there looking for some berries or nuts," Mac said. He took her hand and they walked into the woods, followed by a very wet Ian. They had to jump over some logs and climb around some rocks. "Oh look, there are some berries. Should we pick some?"

"Yes," Molly said.

"Ian, go and pick us some berries. Wee Molly wants some. Make sure theyíre ripe," Mac said.

Ian climbed into the bushes. They were prickly and poked him all over. "Ouch. Ooch. Ouch. Eech!" he said. He picked a handful of red, juicy berries and then climbed back out of the bushes. "Ouch. Ooch. Ouch. Eech!" he went again. He was covered with scratches. "Here you go," he said, handing the berries to Molly.

She put them in her mouth and quickly gobbled them down. "WAAH! WAAH! WAAH! I want more!" she cried.

"Ian, go and get Molly some more berries," Mac said.

"Oh Mac. I donít want to," he whined.

"Ian. Sheís hungry," Mac said.

"WAAH! WAAH! WAAH! I want some more," Molly cried.

"Ian!" Mac commanded.

Ian climbed back into the bushes. "Ouch. Ooch. Eech. Ouch!" He brought her another handful. She ate them quickly.

"Thatís enough," Ian said. "Letís go and find her mum now. Iíll bet sheís close by right now."

"Molly! Molly!"

"What was that?" Mac asked.

"Was that your mum?" Ian asked.

"Mummy," Molly giggled.

Just then her mum came around from behind a tree. "Thereís my wee Molly. You got lost. I couldnít find you. Who are these nice raccoons that have been watching out for you?" she asked the two.

"Iím Mac and this is Ian. Weíve been trying to find you."

"I had fish and berries. Ian fell in the stream and got scratched by the bushes," Molly told her mum. She started to laugh.

"Thank you for taking care of my wee one. Come on, Molly," her mum said. Just then she thought, "Say, would like to baby-sit Molly sometimes?"

"Of course," said Mac. He liked wee Molly. "Bring her by any time."

"Yes, bring her by anytime," said Ian.

From then on, Mac and Ian babysat Molly once a week. They had a lot of fun with her and she was always happy when she came and so were Ian and Mac.

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