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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Iceberg, The Lost Polar Bear

The wind howled across the ice, blowing crystally flakes of snow through the air. Some caught the glimmer of the sun that shone through the clouds, filling the sky with a million twinkles. Iceberg, the baby polar bear, lay snug and warm inside the snow cave with his mum, Icelyn, and his father, Frosty. "Can I go outside and play?" he asked his parents.

"No, son, not right now. Thereís a terrible blizzard blowing. Youíll get lost," his mum replied, and then she curled back up into a fluffy white ball next to Frosty and fell asleep.

Iceberg lay still, listening to the wind howling. He lifted up his head and saw that his mum and dad were both asleep. He stood up and walked over to the entrance to the cave and stuck his head outside to see. "Itís not so bad," he said. He went all the way out and was hit with a blast of arctic air. "Brrrr, it is kind of cold though," he shivered. He was about to go back inside the cave when he noticed the sparkly pieces of ice. "Wow, look at that. Itís beautiful," he said. He ran through the snowflakes, letting them gather on his fur. Soon he was a twinkling fur ball. He was so excited. He ran across the ice, giggling and having fun.

Icelyn opened one of her eyes to check on her baby. He wasnít lying in the same spot. She yawned and lifted her head. She couldnít see him anywhere. She shook Frosty. "Wake up. Iceberg is gone. He asked if he could go outside to play and I told him no. He must have gone anyway. Weíd better go and find him. Thereís quite a snowstorm out there and heíll get lost."

Frosty stood up. He was so huge that he took up most of the space in the snow cave. "I was sleeping so nicely," he yawned.

The two bears left the warmth of their cave and went out into the blizzard to look for their bear cub. They called his name, "Iceberg! Iceberg! Where are you?" They looked for a long time, but they couldnít find him.

"Weíd better keep looking. Iím worried about him," Icelyn said.

"Weíll find him. Donít worry," Frosty assured her.

The two bears had a hard time because the wind was blowing the snow so hard. After a few minutes they spotted a penguin. He was standing next to a mound of snow. "Hello, penguin. Have you seen a baby polar bear wandering around?" Frosty asked.

"No, canít say that I have. Is he lost?" the penguin asked. "My name is Tux. Would you like me to help you look for him?" he offered.

"Thanks, Tux. We could use your help. What are you doing standing by that mound of snow anyway?" Icelyn asked him.

"Itís a slide. Watch," he said. He climbed to the top of the mound and slid down. "Wheeeeeeeeee," he called as he zoomed down.

Icelyn and Frosty smiled. "Iceberg, our cub, would love to do that. When we find him, can he slide with you?" Icelyn asked.

"Why sure. Letís go and look for him. Itís not a good day for a bear cub to be lost," Tux said.

The two bears and the penguin walked on, looking behind other mounds of snow, in crevasses, and anywhere they thought Iceberg might be. Soon the blizzard began to lighten up. They could see much better. Off in the distance Tux noticed a seal lying on the ice near a hole. The three walked up to him. "Have you seen a polar bear cub wandering around?" Frosty asked the seal.

The gray seal looked up at the bears and the penguin. "I havenít seen anything. Iíve been sitting at this hole all day long, waiting for a fish to swim by," he said. He sloshed away from the hole. "My name is Coal. You say your cub is lost? Can I help you find him? Iím not doing much else."

"That would be nice of you. We need all the help we can get. Heís just a baby and weíre so worried about him," Icelyn said.

So, Frosty, Icelyn, Tux, and Coal went off to look for the lost cub. They walked and walked and walked, each of them were calling, "Iceberg! Iceberg! Iceberg! Where are you?" But there was no answer.

The storm had soon all but stopped. Only an occasional flake of snow fell and the wind had died down. The sky turned blue and the sun started to shine down on the icy ground. "Hey, whatís that over there?" Tux asked, pointing to a mass lying on the ice. "It looks like a big blob. Do you think thatís Iceberg?"

The four animals went closer and Frosty began to laugh. "Itís a walrus," he said.

The walrus looked at the approaching animals. "Whatís so funny?" he asked.

"Nothing really. Weíre looking for our cub. He went out in the storm earlier and now we canít find him. Have you seen him?" asked Icelyn.

"Nope. Havenít seen a thing. Iíve been taking a nap. A walrus can get tired really easily," he smiled. "By the way, my name is Tusk. Appropriate, wouldnít you say by the size of these two sticking out of my face?"

The others looked at his ivory tusks. They were almost as big as Tusk was. "My name is Tux," introduced the penguin. "This is Icelyn and Frosty, the polar bears. This is Coal. Weíre all out looking for baby Iceberg. Do you want to come and help us?" he asked the huge walrus.

"Sure, Iíll come and help. Where do you think he went?" Tusk asked.

"We donít know. Heís such a little bear cub. Weíd better find him before dark though. Heíll be frightened then," Icelyn sighed.

The five animals walked on, calling, "Iceberg! Iceberg! Iceberg! Where are you?" But there was no answer.

As the group continued, they came upon Cammy, the ptarmigan. She was preening her white feathers. She hadnít seen Iceberg either, but joined the group in their search. Next, they came upon Snowflake, the lemming. She was scurrying about from plant to plant, looking for some seeds. She hadnít seen Iceberg, but went with the group to help look for the cub.

Tundra, the caribou, was rubbing his antlers against a rock when the seven animals appeared out of nowhere. "What are you all doing wandering about?" he asked.

"Weíre looking for a lost polar bear cub," Snowflake answered.

"Have you seen him?" asked Tux.

The caribou stopped rubbing. He looked around. "I havenít seen anything, but Iíll come and help you look. By the way, my nameís Tundra."

"Thanks for your help, Tundra," Frosty said and the group walked along calling, "Iceberg! Iceberg! Iceberg! Where are you?" But there was no answer.

As they neared the edge of the ice where it meets the sea, they spotted a white snowy owl sitting on a rock. "Owl, have you seen a baby polar bear?" Cammy the ptarmigan asked.

"No, I havenít. My name is Socrates. Why do you ask?" the owl wondered.

"Our cub is lost. Heís just a little polar bear cub and we canít find him anywhere," Icelyn cried. She was starting to get very worried about her cub.

"Iíll come with you and help you look. Hoot! Hoot!" Socrates offered.

That meant all nine animals were looking for the baby bear and all calling, "Iceberg! Iceberg! Iceberg!" But still, there was no answer.

Out in the sea, Patches, the killer whale, was swimming around. She heard the animals calling and swam over to them. She blew a stream of water out of her spout. "Whatís going on? Who is Iceberg?"

They stood at the edge of the ice looking down at the whale. "Heís our cub and heís lost," said Frosty.

"Iíll help you find him. Iíll swim around and see what I can see," she said and swam off.

The others sat down. They were very tired. Theyíd been walking for hours, so in no time they all fell asleep. In the meantime, Patches swam around. She looked under the ice floes, watched the tops of the glaciers that were crumbling and falling in the sea, but she couldnít see any sign of the polar bear cub. She was about to give up when she spotted something bobbing up and down in the water. She swam over to see what it was. There was little Iceberg, lying on a piece of ice that had broken off. She swam up to him. "Iceberg? Is that you?" she asked.

The little bear opened his eyes. "Yes, Iím Iceberg. Where am I?" he asked, looking around. When he noticed that he was floating about on the sea, he shouted, "Help! Help!" He began to cry. He was afraid of the dark, deep water.

"Hold on tight, little bear. Iíll push you back to the edge of the ice. Donít be afraid." She used her nose and pushed the large piece of ice over the waves to the shore.

Iceberg was frantic. He held onto the piece of ice. When he saw his parents, he forgot his fear and began to jump up and down on the ice. "Iím here! Iím here!" he called.

Frosty and Icelyn woke up. The other animals did too. They stood up and saw Patches bringing the bear cub towards them. In a few minutes, Iceberg was in his motherís arms. She cried little frozen teardrops of joy. "Donít you ever wander off again in a storm. You scared us to death," she said, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you, Patches, for saving our cub," Frosty said. They had lost their baby for a while, but had gained many new friends Ė Tux, the penguin, Coal, the seal, Tusk, the walrus, Snowflake, the lemming, Cammy, the ptarmigan, Tundra, the caribou, Socrates, the snowy owl and Patches, the killer whale. Never again would Iceberg get lost because there were so many others looking out for him.

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