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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Isabelís Friends

Isabelís long hair wisped around her face as the gentle breeze caught it in its silent fingers. Each strand sparkled like threads of gold, reflecting the sunshine onto the leaves in the trees. "What should we play now?" she asked the bunny and small bear. "Do you want to play hide and seek?"

Isabelís Friends

Braden answered, "I want to play hide and seek. Bears are good at hiding."

Katelyn chimed in, "Me too. Bunnies are even better at hiding."

"Iíll count first. You two go and hide," Isabel said. She leaned against the elm tree, putting her head against her arm so she couldnít see. "One, twoÖÖ." She counted slowly, to give them a chance to hide.

Braden ran behind a bush. He crouched down and giggled. "Sheíll never find me here."

Katelyn hopped over to a pile of boulders. She began to chuckle, "Isabel will never find me here."

"Ö..Seven, eight, nine, ten. Here I come," Isabel called.

Katelyn peeked out from behind the boulder. She saw Isabel as she looked up in the trees. As she chuckled, her little fluffy tail bounced up and down on the ground. "Hee, hee, hee. Sheíll never find me."

Braden could see Isabel through the leaves and branches. "Sheís looking in the tree. Hee, hee, hee. Sheíll never find me here," he giggled. Just then Isabel turned and ran towards Braden. "Oh no! Sheíll find me. What should I do?" His little paws parted the bush.

"Aha! I see you, Braden. Youíre hiding in the bushes. Come out, come out, wherever you are," Isabel called.

Braden came out from behind the bush. "I canít believe you caught me. I had a good hiding place," he sighed.

"Iíve still got to find Katelyn. You go back to the tree and wait," Isabel said.

"Canít I help you look for her?" Braden begged.

"No. That wouldnít be fair. Go back to the tree and Iíll be along soon." Isabel went off to find Katelyn.

The bunny peeked her head out again. She chuckled. "Hee, hee, hee. She caught Braden, but sheíll not catch me!"

Just then Isabel came running around the boulders. "There you are, Katelyn. I caught you."

Katelyn pouted. "How did you find me? I was hiding in a good place."

"Come back to the tree with me. Bradenís waiting for us," Isabel said. They walked back together. "I found Katelyn. Now itís your turn to count, Braden."

"Oh, all right. One, two, threeÖ." He counted much quicker than Isabel had done. She and Katelyn had to hide quickly.

"Iíll hide in there," Katelyn said, hopping quickly a hollow tree trunk that was lying on the ground. She crawled inside and sat quietly. "Braden will never find me in here. Hee, hee, hee." She giggled.

Isabel sat down behind a large oak tree and waited.

"ÖNine, ten. Here I come," Braden shouted. He looked around. "Hmmm. I wonder where they would have hidden?" He darted to the bush he had hid behind. Nobody was there. He ran over to the boulders where Katelyn had hid. Nobody was there.

Katelyn heard the leaves crunch as Braden ran from place to place looking for her. "Hee, hee, hee. Heíll never find me."

Just then she saw Bradenís face appear at the end of the log. "Aha. There you are. I see you in the hollow log," he said. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," he called to Katelyn.

She crawled out of the log. "How did you find me?"

"I just looked," he answered. "Go back to the tree. I have to look for Isabel."

"Can I help you?" Katelyn asked.

"No. I have to find her myself," he replied. "Go back to the tree and wait."

Katelyn hopped to the tree while Braden looked in other tree trunks, behind several bushes and under some stones. He thought he saw something moving. It was Isabelís hair. It was sparkling in the sunlight. "I found you. I found you," Braden shouted. "Isabel, youíre behind the oak tree. I see your hair shining."

Isabel stood up and ran to Braden. "You found me. Brilliant. Now, letís get back to the tree and see Katelyn."

The three of them sat under the elm tree. "Isabel," she heard being called.

"Itís Mum. Sheís calling me," Isabel said. She ran to the edge of the clearing and looked down the hill. There were two crofts there. She lived in one with her mum and her granddad and grandmother lived in the other.

"Isabel," she heard again.

"We need to go. Mum needs me. Weíll come and play again tomorrow," Isabel said. She picked up her teddy bear and her bunny and carried them home.

"Did you have a wonderful time?" her mum asked. "I see you took Braden and Katelyn with you. Her mum took Braden out of Isabelís arms. "Looks like they need a wash to me," she said.

"Iíll wash them, Mum," she answered. She didnít want them to be thrown in the washing machine. Only she knew the secret. Braden and Katelyn only spoke to her and played with her. She put the stuffed animals down. "Shhhh. Be quiet. Iíll be back later, at night time and thank you for the wonderful game of hide and seek," Isabel said and shut the door behind her, leaving the two of them lying on the bed.

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