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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Who's That Hanging In My Tree?

John, the canary, flew around the meadow. He loved springtime when all the flowers were in bloom. Poppies were his favorite, but he loved daffodils too because they were yellow, just like him. He stopped at the stream to have a sip of water and saw frogs hopping about the stones. Fish swam by and grasshoppers leaped through the air.

When John flew back to his tree, he landed on a branch. "What's that?" He saw something strange hanging by its tail. John hopped over to have a better look. "Is it a sloth?" He looked at the long tail. "Hmm. It has a long tail like a sloth and it is hanging upside down like a sloth, but I don't think it is a sloth."

John looked at the strange creature again. "I wonder if it is a monkey. It doesn't have a lot of hair and there are no banana peels lying on the ground."

Soft snores came from the creatures mouth. "Look at those claws. Maybe it's a dinosaur." John preened his feathers. "No, silly. Dinosaurs are much bigger than that. Maybe it's a dragon, or an anteater."

Just then it opened its eyes and looked up at the canary. "Hello!"

"Hello there," John said.

"I hope you don't mind me hanging around in your tree. I needed a short nap. By the way, my name is Andrew."

"Hello, Andrew. You can hang around my tree anytime you want. What sort of creature are you?  You're not a sloth. You're not a monkey. You're not a dinosaur, or a dragon, or an anteater."

Andrew laughed out loud and swung himself up. He sat next to John. "I'm a bodango. Can't you tell?"

"Uh, not really," John said.

"Bodangoes have gray skin, pointed ears and two toes with claws."

"Oh. You're a bondango. All right. I get it." John snickered.

"Well, thank you much. I'm off now," Andrew said. He jumped to the ground and ran off into the meadow.

After he had disappeared, John scratched his head. "What's a bodango?" He shrugged his wings and flew down to sniff a tulip.

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