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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Lewis, the Curious Lad

Lewis was a curious wee lad. Sometimes this got him into trouble. One morning his mum got up and was preparing to fix breakfast. She got out the bread and sliced it into thin slices. She popped it into the toaster and then took the bacon out of the refrigerator and put in on to fry. As it sizzled in the pan, the doorbell rang. Lewis, finding himself alone in the kitchen, spotted the egg carton sitting on the counter. He was curious about them, so he pulled a chair over from the table, climbed up on it and opened the lid to the carton. He counted the eggs. There were twelve of them. He felt each egg. They were white, had a hard shell and didn’t make a noise when he shook them. He saw the bacon sizzling in the pan and decided to help his mum with breakfast. Without cracking them, he put all twelve eggs in the frying pan, in their shells. Happy with this, he pulled the chair back to the table and ran into his bedroom.

When his mum came back from answering the door she saw the eggs in the pan. A strange look came across her face. She couldn’t figure out how the eggs got into the pan. She grabbed a spoon and scooped them out. She cracked open four of them. Some of them had already started to cook, but most of them were all right. She called Lewis to come through for his breakfast. He ran through and sat at the table. His mum put the plate in front of them. He looked at the bacon, toast and then the eggs. They looked different than the ones he’d put in the frying pan. He jumped out of his chair and looked in the egg carton. There were the eggs, back in the container, all except four. He saw the broken shells in the rubbish. He sat back down at the table and ate his breakfast, not sure how the shells got off the eggs.

Lewis, The Curious Kid

Later that day, his mum sent him to his room to play while she cleaned the rest of the house. Lewis didn’t want to stay in his room. He ran into his mum’s bathroom and looked at all the bottles she had on the counter. He picked several up and shook them. He even opened the lid to see what was inside. He was curious to know what would happen if he mixed some of them together. He took a big bottle of shampoo and dumped it into the bathtub. It was blue and sticky and thick and ran toward the drain. Lewis turned the water on to wash it all away before his mum saw. Soon the bathtub was filled with fragrant bubbles. He picked them up and threw them into the air. The bubbles reached the top of the bathtub. Just then his mum came into the room. She saw the bubbles and turned the water off. She wasn’t happy with Lewis. He’d wasted a whole bottle of her expensive shampoo. She took him back to his bedroom and told him to stay in there until she was finished.

Lewis sat down on his floor. It was covered with light blue carpet. His walls were painted white. He spotted his box of crayons under the bed. He wondered what his walls would look like if he colored pretty pictures on them. He was a very curious lad. He picked up the green crayon and drew a picture of a horse on the wall. It was scribbles to grown ups but it looked like a horse to Lewis. He used the red to draw a big tree and a black to draw a dinosaur. His mum heard the giggles coming from Lewis’s room and went to see what he was doing. She saw the scribbles all over the wall. Quickly she took the crayons away from Lewis and put them on a shelf high up and out of the way so he couldn’t get to them. It took her an hour to scrub the black, green and red crayon off the wall.

That night, after Lewis went to bed and fell asleep, his mum went into his room and looked at him. She couldn’t be angry with him. He was just a curious wee lad!

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