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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Lotti, the llama

High in the Andes mountains lived a herd of llamas.. Their fur was soft and fluffy and kept them warm on the cold nights. While most of the llamas ran about the mountains chasing butterflies and dragonflies, Lotti spent here days looking at her reflection in the mountain streams. Lotti thought she was much prettier than the other llamas and so none of them liked her very much. When the snow melted and formed puddles, Lotti would be there gazing at herself. She thought her fur was softer than the others and cleaner too.

One day, when the sky was blue and the sun was shining, Lotti wandered down to the stream. As she stood gawking at herself, she saw a fish swimming about. “Fish, you go away. You're making ripples in the water and I can't see my gorgeous reflection.”

The fish gulped a mouthful of water and spit it in Lotti's face.

Lotti wiped it off and kicked pebbles in the water until the fish swam away. Once again she looked at herself, fluttered her eyelashes and puckered her lips.

A frog hopped by, landing with a plop right in the middle of the stream. The water splashed all over Lotti. “Frog, you go away. You're making ripples in the water and I can't see my gorgeous reflection.”

The frog leapt onto Lotti's head and then jumped off into the grass.

Lotti kicked a stone at the frog, but only ended up hurting her foot.

A lizard ran past Lotti, tickling her foot as it darted across it. “Lizard, you go away. How dare you run across my foot.” Lotti looked at her reflection in the stream to make sure she was still beautiful.

The lizard stopped and stuck its tongue out at Lotti.

Lotti was so angry that she ran after the lizard, trying to stomp on it. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and tripped when her foot got caught in a hole. She landed right on her face and smashed her big nose.

The lizard laughed. “You're not so pretty any more, Lotti,” and then it ran away.

Lotti stood, brushed the dirt from her fur and went back to the stream. When she looked at her reflection, she gasped. “Oh no! I'm not pretty. My face is all scrunched up. What will I do?”

When a few of the llamas walked by and saw Lotti, they giggled and pointed at her. When the frog hopped by it croaked a laugh and went on its way. When the fish swam past and saw Lotti, it laughed and blew bubbles that popped on the surface.

Lotti's head hung with sadness. She knew that she'd not been very nice to all the other llamas and animals. “I'm going to be nice from now on. I'm not pretty any more.” Lotti waved to the animals, she smiled at them and she even helped some of them carry hay. Soon everybody liked Lotti. One day she went down to the stream to wash the hay from her back and she saw her reflection. “I'm pretty again. My nose is all fixed.” She shook her head. It didn't matter any more. All that she cared about was that she had friends.

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