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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Itís Only Lorna!

Itís Only Lorna!

Duff, Fife, and Triona were playing a game of hide and seek. The woods in the glen were a great place to play. There were so many hiding places. Duff, a big, brown bear, ran and hid behind a boulder. It was brown like he was, so it was hard to see him. Fife, a raccoon, hid among a pile of sticks and twigs lying on the ground. He was nearly invisible. Triona counted to ten. "Here I come, ready or not," she called.

Duff and Fife giggled as the chipmunk looked for them. "I see you, Duff," she called. "Youíre behind that boulder. Come out. Youíve been caught." Duff stood up. He was much bigger than the boulder and furrier too.

Triona ran through the woods, looking up into the trees and behind black currant bushes. "I see you, Fife. Youíre hiding under those twigs and sticks. I can see your striped tail. Come out. Youíve been caught," she called. Fife stood up. He had to pull bits of twigs and dead leaves from his fur.

"Itís my turn to count," whined Duff. "I was caught first." Triona and Fife were about to run and hide when the three of them heard a loud roaring noise. "What was that?" Duff asked.

Fife looked at the bear. "I thought it was you. It sounds like a big animal, like a bear."

"It wasnít me," Duff assured his friends.


"Itís coming closer. Weíd better all hide," Triona squeaked. The three animals ran and hid behind the boulders. "Be very quiet so it doesnít hear us," she warned.


"Itís coming into the woods," Fife gulped. "What if itís a monster?" he whispered.

"Shhh, Fife. Donít make any noises at all," Triona said.

Just then a highland cow came into the woods and stopped near the boulders. "Why, itís only Lorna," Duff said.

"Lorna, why are you roaring like that? Youíre not a monster and youíre not a lion. Youíre supposed to moo," Fife said.

"Hee hee. I tried to scare you and see that it worked. I want to play hide and seek too," Lorna laughed.

Feeling relieved to see the cow, the others climbed out from behind the rocks. "Okay, Lorna, you can play, but you have to be the one who counts first," Duff said.

"Thatís fine. You three go and hide and Iíll count," Lorna said. "MOO! One. MOO! TwoÖÖ..MOO! Ten! Here I come."

They played hide and seek for hours. Lorna had a harder time hiding because she had big handlebar horns, but managed to have fun with the others.

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