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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Lost Doll

Sally played with her doll, Mary, every day. Wherever she went, she took Mary with her. Both of them had red hair.

One summer's day, Sally went to the flower garden to play. Daisies, geraniums, roses, lady slippers and sunflowers grew, lining the stone path with their colorful beauty. Sally's favorite were the fairy slippers. She knew if she sat there long enough that a fairy would appear near the flower and fly around the garden. While her mother weeded and tended to the flowers, Sally played with her doll. “See the flowers, Mary. Aren't they pretty?”

Sally's grandmother came to visit. “Hello,” she called from the house. “Is anyone here?”

Sally jumped up and ran to her grandmother. “Grandmother! I'm so glad you're here.”

Sally's mother wiped the dirt from her hands and went into the house. “Since you're here, why don't the three of us go and get some ice cream.”

“Ice cream? I love ice cream!” Sally held her grandmother's hand and they walked down to the ice cream store. Sally had forgotten about her doll, leaving it in the garden.

“What flavor do you want, Sally?” Grandmother asked for pineapple sherbet. “You pick any kind you want.”

“I want bubblegum with maple pecan.” Sally's mouth watered with the thought.

Her mother ordered a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.

The three of them sat at a table, eating ice cream and watching people walk past. When they finished they went back to Sally's house and the three of them watched a movie.

“Where's Mary? I forgot Mary,” Sally said. She jumped off the chair and ran into the back garden. “Mary? Where are you?”

Grandmother came outside. “Where did you play with her last?”

“In the garden,” said Sally's mother.

“Yes, in the garden. I was sitting by the roses.” Sally ran into the flowers. “She's not here. Mary's lost.”

“Sally, are you sure you were playing near the roses? I thought I saw you near the sunflowers,” Mother said.

Sally ran to the sunflowers. She looked under every nodding plant. “She's not here. Oh, Mary. Where are you?”

“Look at these pretty flowers,” Grandmother said. “What kind are these?”

Sally's mother turned to see. “Oh, those are fairy slippers.”

“Fairy slippers? I was playing near the fairy slippers.” Sally fell to her knees and looked under the stems and leaves. “Here she is! Here's Mary.” She picked up the doll, brushed the dirt off and hugged the doll close. “I wished a fairy would come. I remember now.”

Mother and Grandmother chuckled and went into the house.

Sally and Mary sat in the garden. She bent over to smell a flower. Something flew past. “What was that? Was it a fairy, Mary?” She turned to see what it was. “Silly me. It was a butterfly. Isn't it pretty though.”

Sally went into the house and sat next to her grandmother. “Do you believe in fairies, Grandmother?”

“Yes, I do, and maybe one day you'll see one.” Grandmother winked at Sally.

“Maybe I will.” Sally smiled and hugged her doll.

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