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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Farhad and the Shark

A hot wind blew across the sea, causing choppy little waves along the surface of the water. Grains of beige sand blew up from the beach into the air, and then dropped suddenly into the water, sinking down to the bottom.

Farhad stuck his head out from between two rocks. The moray eel gazed up topside, and noticed little whitecaps dancing about on the surface. Before he left the safety of the rocks, he looked around to make sure no sharks were swimming by. Satisfied that he was safe, he swam out into the open sea. He loved the feel of freedom and space and how the water felt as it glided along his long, smooth body.

After just a few minutes he came upon a sunken ship. It was broken into a few pieces. Farhad thought, "Hmmm. This ship must have been sunk during one of the fierce storms up on top." Curious, he swam into the broken hull. It was dark inside, but he could still see everything clearly. Barnacles were plastered to everything, their hard black shells coating the rotting wood like icing on a cake. Several sponges grew from the hull, their bright orange casings adding a bit of color to the dullness of the wreck.

As Farhad swam past a large crack in the ship, out of the corner of his eye he spotted a shark. "Oh no!" he gurgled. "A shark! How will I get back to my rocks?" he wondered. He swam closer to the wooden hole and peered out. The huge gray shark was darting through the water, its tail swishing back and forth to propel it. Its eyes were as black as the oil. Farhad watched intently as the shark went by, and then he slid back inside the hidden recesses of the sunken ship.

"What will I do?" he questioned himself. He swam back over to the hole he’d come in through and looked at the rocks where he usually hid. "Can I make it back to them safely?" he wondered. He decided he would try. He stuck his head out of the hole and was just about to swim back when the shark came around to his side of the ship. Quickly Farhad pulled himself back in and hid. The shark swam closer and closer to the opening and Farhad was beginning to be very afraid. What if the shark came inside? What if it was hungry? "Oh no!" he cried out, sending little bubbles of air to the surface.

He peeked out again. The shark was nowhere to be seen, but Farhad could see a lionfish off in the distance. It was swimming along, unaware of the shark’s presence. Farhad watched in terror as the shark came around to his side of the ship again and headed for the lionfish. But, it swam right past it. It didn’t eat it or even pay any notice to it. Soon the lionfish swam off.

Another fish came swimming by, very close to the sunken ship. It was a butterfly fish. It was beautiful, bright yellow with red spots on it. Farhad wondered if the shark would eat it, but when it came swimming past, it went right by the fish, without even a glance.

Seeing this, Farhad hoped that the shark wouldn’t bother him if he tried to swim back to his rocks, so he slithered out of the wreck as the shark went around to the other side of the ship. He wiggled his body back and forth, going as quickly as he could towards his pile of rocks. He was about half way there when he felt a rippling of the water behind him. He turned around and there was the huge shark, bearing down on him quickly with his mouth wide open. "HELP!" Farhad screamed and swam as fast as he could. The shark got closer and closer. In fact it was so near that when Farhad turned to look at it, he could see all the rows of sharp, jagged teeth in its mouth. Terrified, he swam as fast as he could and made it to the safety of the rocks just as the shark snapped its jaw down, catching a piece of the rock in its teeth.

Farhad hid there, his heart beating rapidly with fear. He breathed quickly thru his gills and watched as the shark swam around and around his rock.

After a while he didn’t see the shark anymore, so he poked his head out. The shark was gone. Farhad, the eel, was safe once more. From then on, though, he stayed right near his pile of rocks, deciding that he didn’t need to go exploring any further than the few feet around him!

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