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The Misty Valley
by Margo Fallis
Volume 1 Chapter 5

The whimpering werewolf woke Prysm. “What is it? What’s wrong?”


Prysm looked up. The air turned pure white and moved in swirls above them. Hollow eyes and long, oval mouths appeared amid the whiteness. The sheet-like ghosts groaned and moaned as they flew back and forth. Prysm held onto Candi as the spine-tingling specters moved into the pit.

Spirits and shadows swooped around them, flying through Prysm’s hair, lifting Candi’s tail and swishing by, cocooning them in terror. Prysm heard herself scream as the spooks continued their frightening attack. Just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. Prysm took quick, deep breaths, trying to gather her thoughts.

Candi nudged Prysm’s arm and looked up. Replacing the ghosts were bats, forming a black umbrella over the pit.  “Bats? I hate bats! Please don’t come in here; please, please don’t.” The vermin didn’t listen and flew towards Candi and Prysm. Hundreds of them attacked, landing in Prysm’s hair, on her arms and legs and face. The poor werewolf was covered with the hairy creatures. She nipped at them, growling and biting one at a time. “Were those ghosts real or did I just imagine them?”

“Get me out of here! Poe! Help us!” Prysm’s arms flew to the side and wherever she thought she could hit a bat. They began to pile up near her feet, dead or dying as Candi bit into them. Sensing death if they stayed, the bats flew out of the pit and disappeared with a loud flapping of wings. “Good girl. Good girl.” Prysm stroked the werewolf. “You’re not hurt, are you? I wish Bella was here. She’d help us.” But Bella didn’t come. Instead thousands of hairy black spiders crept down the walls of the pit. “Oh no! I want to get out of here. Please, Poe. Help us!” She shouted as loud as she could. “Poe! Poe!”

The wave of moving legs and bodies moved towards the two. Prysm closed her eyes and waited for the attack that never came. When she peeked to see what the problem was, the spiders were gone. “Am I hallucinating? Where did the spiders go? I guess it doesn’t matter. They’re gone.” She glanced at Candi. “Did you do something?”

The black cats appeared at the rim. “Ugh. Now I know why. Black cats. At least they aren’t poisonous. They’re just cats.” The thrumming animals walked in circles around the lip of the pit.


Poe headed back to get his friends. He was having no luck finding a way to rescue them. He spotted the black cats slinking around the pit. Inhaling a deep breath, he ran towards the mass of tails and paws, screaming and flailing his arms. The cats scattered in all directions. Once they’d left he peered over the edge and called down. “Prysm, are you all right?”

“Poe! I’m so glad to see you. Get us out of here. Please, hurry before the ghosts, bats and spiders come back.”

“Ghosts? Spiders?” Poe glanced around him and didn’t see anything. “Can you climb out, like I did?”

Prysm glanced at Candi. “I probably can, but not without Candi and I’m not leaving her in here alone.”

Poe took a deep breath. “Then you’ll have to stay where you are a little while longer. I’ll go the other way and see what I can find. Don’t be too scared.” No sooner had Poe disappeared into the woods when the black cats came back and formed a circle around the rim of the pit. This time they just watched Prysm and Candi.

“I think they’re scared of you, girl. We’re safe for a few minutes. I hope Poe hurries.”

Poe raced through the dead trees and fallen limbs. He was sprinting so fast that he didn’t see the solid wall of muscle until he crashed into it. Dazed, he sat for a few moments until the monster came into focus. “You again!” Poe shook in a cold sweat.

The Frankenstein monster grunted and groaned and reached for Poe. “Oh no you don’t. You’re not going to get me.” Poe slid backwards and steadied himself on his feet. He turned and shot like an arrow the opposite direction. Loud thuds of the slow green-faced monster’s slow steps echoed behind him. Deep moans and grunts erupted from its mouth.

Poe couldn’t run as fast as he wanted to. Lack of sleep and food took its toll on him. Tired and starving, he tripped and fell and didn’t have the energy to get up. It didn’t take long for Frankenstein’s monster to catch up with him. Poe lay on his back and saw the giant scarred beast evaluating him, not sure what to do. Knowing he had only one chance to save himself, Poe lay still wanting to cry. He was tired of all these spooky things – witches, black cats, and now a monster.

With closed eyes, a plan came to him. Poe reached up and grabbed hold of the monster’s coat sleeve, tugged and pulled. The clumsy brute was caught off-guard and couldn’t move as fast as Poe. Instead it swatted and growled, but didn’t stop Poe from removing the coat. It ripped in a few places, but as soon as it was safe in Poe’s grip. The boy ran off. An ear piercing howl of anger roared in his direction. Poe knew he’d have to hurry. “I’ve got to get to the pit. I’ve got to get to the pit.” Poe kept repeating this to himself as he made his way through the woods. Once he reached the pit, he stopped to catch his breath. “Prysm. Prysm.”  He huffed and puffed. “Prysm, grabbed the end of this.” Poe dropped one of the sleeves into the pit and held onto the other one. “Grab it.”

“What is this? A coat? Did you steal it from a giant?” What about Candi?” The muffled questions floated up to Poe.

“Hold onto her with one arm and the sleeve with the other. It won’t be very comfortable, but it’s the only way. We have to hurry. The owner of this coat will be showing up soon.” Poe braced his legs against a wooden log and pulled, using the last of his strength. When he saw Candi’s nose show over the edge, he shouted. “Good. Keep coming. Hurry. I can’t hold on much longer.”

Soon Prysm and the werewolf were lying on a black grassy patch. “That was fun.” Prysm wheezed. “What next?”

The groan of the Frankenstein monster answered her. “That is the owner of the coat. You two go and hide. I’ve got an idea.” Poe moved to the other side of the pit. “Where are you, stupid monster? I’m right here. I’ve got your coat.” He saw the tattered and smelly fabric lying on the ground. “Come and get me.” The monster appeared from the trees and stood still, looking around to see what the situation was. “Come closer! Come and get me. I’m right here and I’m not afraid of you.” Poe taunted him to move his direction.

It stepped forward, didn’t see the pit and fell in, landing on its back. Poe dropped the coat on top of him. “Ha ha ha You’re not so scary.” He ran over to where Prysm hid.

“What was that? It was giant and green and covered with scars.” Prysm picked up Candi.

“That is a Frankenstein monster.”

Prysm told Poe about the attacks by the ghosts and bats. A cackling sound brought them back to their senses. “It’s the witch. She’s right above us and she sounds mad.”

“She’s been looking for us for hours now. I say we have had enough ghosts and ghouls for now. Let’s go home.” Poe felt a wave of dizziness rush over him. “If I don’t get something to eat right now, I won’t be able to walk.”

“We have to try. We might find something soon. I want to go home as much as you do.” Prysm stroked Candi’s forehead.

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