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The Misty Valley
by Margo Fallis
Volume 1 Chapter 6

“I can’t take another step. Can we please rest?” Prysm collapsed to the ground and put Candi next to her in a patch of moss.

“You would have to pick the banks of a blood river to stop. That is so gross. Look at all the bloody eyeballs. I don’t even want to know where they came from; probably Witch Lilith’s private supply.”

Candi squirmed and stuck out her tongue and whined. “I think she wants one of those bloody eyeballs. Look at how she’s acting.” Prysm pointed to a few that floated by.

“I’m not sticking my hands in there. That’s blood and eyeballs. I don’t know if those are people eyeballs or gorilla or dinosaur eyes.” Poe gagged.

“I’ll use my shoe then. She’s hungry.”

“Aren’t we all,” Poe mocked.

Prysm removed her tennis shoe and crawled on her hands and knees down to the edge of the river. She waited until she spotted an eyeball and then stuck the shoe in, catching the slimy body parts as they flowed past. “Got it.” She tried what blood she could and then poured the eyeball in front of the werewolf. “Here you go, Candi.” The hungry critter gobbled it down and whined for another. “Okay. Okay. I’ll get some more.” Prysm sat for ten minutes gathering eyeballs until her shoe was full. “This is so sick.” She dumped the sneaker out in front of Candi, who instantly devoured them.

“Slow down there. You’re eating too fast.” Poe laughed. “Are you tempted to try an eyeball?” He glanced at Prysm.

“No way. I’d rather starve. Ew! How can you even think of eating an eyeball?” She scrunched up her face in disgust. “I’ll go and get one more shoe full for Candi and then we’ll go.” Prysm stroked the werewolf. “Don’t worry. We’ll fix you up when you get to my house.”

“Let’s follow the river back to Misty Valley. We know it goes past the cemetery and we can go around that.” Poe re-tied his shoelaces. “Are you both ready? I’ll carry Candi for a while. It’s my turn.”

     As they walked past one of the mountains, Prysm had an idea. “These are candy corn mountains, aren’t they?” Poe nodded. “Well, why can’t we eat some of the mountain? Hand me a stick.” Poe searched the ground and found a stick with a sharp point. He handed it to Prysm. She poked it into the side of the mountain, digging until a chunk fell off. “It’s orange, but it should be tasty.”

     Poe lifted the chunk and took a bite. “It tastes like candy corn. Get another piece for yourself.”

     “I broke that piece off. It should be mine.” Prysm handed the stick to Poe. “Break off your own piece.” Before Poe could react she yanked the candy corn from his hand and bit into it. “Oh boy. This tastes good. I could eat this whole mountain.”

     “Right, Prysm. I don’t think so.” He bit into his piece. “It is good though.” Prysm fed some to Candi, but she didn’t care for it. “She likes eyeballs better,” Poe said.

     “I hope you’re enjoying your sweets. This reminds me of two children I once knew named Hansel and Gretel. They liked sweets too.” Witch Lilith sneered. With broom in hand she towered over them. “I never thought I’d find you.” The werewolf slid backwards and hid behind a rock. “You thought you could get away from me, didn’t you.”

     Poe kept eating his candy corn. Prysm dropped hers in her pocket. “I’m tired and I’m hungry and I am not going to go back to your haunted house. If you’re going to kill us, you’ll have to do it now, right here.”  Prysm glanced at Poe. “Did I just say that out loud?” Poe nodded. “Oops.”

     The witch was shocked by the girl’s words; so shocked that she didn’t notice Candi sneaking up behind her, dragging her back leg. The werewolf, who had been abused by the old hag, bit into her leg. Witch Lilith screamed in pain and turned to see the animal gnawing on her leg. Seeing an opportunity for escape, Poe pushed the witch backwards. She fell over and hit her head on a rock, passing out. “Come on, Prysm. Grab Candi and let’s get out of here.” Poe picked up Witch Lilith’s broom and took it with him. “We have to hurry. That was a good girl, Candi. You bit her a good one.”

     With their pieces of candy corn mountain in their pockets, the two rushed along the riverbank, following the flow and the bloody eyeballs. “This looks like a good spot.” Poe tossed the witch’s broom into the river and giggled as it disappeared under the blood.

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