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The Misty Valley
by Margo Fallis
Volume 3 Chapter 3

     They took off running, not stopping until they were at the bottom of the mountain. Each of them broke off a chunk of the sweet candy corn to take home. “Do you think she’ll stick to her part of the deal? I can’t believe how gross that was. Mr. Death actually thought she was beautiful.” Poe stuck his finger down his throat.

“He’s no catch himself,” Drake said.

“She thought he was nice. Mr. Death nice? Weirdest couple I’ve ever seen.” Prysm giggled and turned to the werewolves. “Conri, Leeloo, you can go home now. Give Candi a big kiss for me and tell her we miss her. You can come to our house for a visit any time you want. I imagine you’ll have to stay near your cave from now on, except on Halloween night. I’ll miss you both too.” She hugged the werewolves.

“Stop being so sappy, Prysm,” Shayde said. “Thanks for your help.” He shook Conri and Leeloo’s paw.

“It was fun going for a ride on your back.” Drake nodded thanks to the two of them.

Poe stroked Leeloo’s fur. “You’re so nice and clean and smell good. Anytime you want some shampoo, come to my house. I guess we’ll have to pay the pet store back for what they borrowed last night, but I’m sure either my mom or their mom will pay for it. They will be happy when they hear what we did and how we saved Misty Valley.” After hugging both werewolves, the kids bid them farewell. Both creatures let out a loud roar and ran into the forest. “Well.” Poe took a deep breath. “I guess the only other thing we have to do is make it back to our houses without being attacked by a zombie.”

“Or a vampire,” Prysm added.

Shayde put his hand on Prysm’s chest to stop her. “We’re going ahead of you guys. You might be heroes, but Drake and I can run faster than you two runts. See you at home.” The two older boys disappeared.

“Look at the sky, Poe. It will be sunrise in a few minutes. Let’s run. I’d like to be home in time to see my mom’s face when all of this changes.” Prysm grabbed Poe’s hand. “Come on. I’ll race you.”

Poe chased his friend through the trees, jumping over logs and fallen tree trunks, darting around gigantic boulders and leaping over the blood river. When they got to their street, they watched in surprise as the pumpkins sank into piles of mush. “Wow! This is unbelievable.” They reached their front doors. “There’s Bella. She’s waiting for you. Talk to you later, Prysm.” Poe burst through the door. “Mom! Dad! Come and see. Quick. It’s amazing.”

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin rushed down the stairs and stood at the front room window. “You did it, Poe! The grass is turning green. The leaves on the trees are golden and rust and orange and red and lime green. No more black cats, no more bats. Poe!” She wrapped her arms around her son. Bruja came running up from the basement, leaping at Poe and licking his face.

Mr. Merlin pointed at the sky. “It’s blue and the clouds are as white as snow. This is marvelous. The curse is over! How did this happen? Where have you been and why are you coming home at six AM?

Poe smiled. “Boy, do I have a story to tell you.” As they sat on the couch and listened to their son, people all over Misty Valley came out of their homes to enjoy the rainbow of color around them. Children ran about and played with their cats. They marveled at the autumn foliage growing on the mountainsides. Instead of seeing the haunted house at the top, all they could see was the sun’s rays pouring down on their valley.

The rivers flowed once again with crystal blue water. The cemetery went back to normal with all the headstones in the proper place. The curse was broken. Nobody knew how it had happened or why it had happened; they were relieved it was over.

When they sat around the dinner table that night, Mr. Merlin grinned. “Did you hear there is going to be a wedding at Misty Valley Old Folks Home?”

“No. Who?” Poe swallowed a bite of mashed potatoes.

Mr. Merlin continued. “It seems that Witch Lilith has decided to hang up her broom for good and is moving in with Mr. Death after the wedding.”

“Ew! Gross. They’re getting married?”

“Poe, what a horrible thing to say. We should be glad they’ve found happiness together. Maybe we’ll get an invitation.” Mrs. Merlin giggled and finished her slice of meatloaf. Mr. Merlin and Poe started laughing, thinking of the odd couple together.

From then on, Misty Valley celebrated Halloween on October 31st. Only on that one night a year did the zombies, vampires, Frankenstein monsters and witches roam the streets and they were all children dressed in costumes.

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