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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Morning Glories

Morning GloriesOne bright sunny morning Zed, the butterfly, was fluttering about the meadow. The other bugs were still sleeping, but heíd gotten up a little early to spend some time by himself. "What are those?" he gasped, looking down at the most beautiful flowers heíd ever seen. "Theyíre pink, and purple, and blue. Iíve never seen such flowers before. He flew into the center of one. "Och, the pollen is sweet and fragrant." He scooped some up with his legs and fluttered back to the other bugs. "Look what I found," he shouted, waking them all up.

"What is going on?" Ursula asked. She yawned and flapped her wings up and down. "Itís too early for us butterflies to be up."

"Look, Ursula. Taste this pollen. Itís sweet and smells so nice," Zed said.

Ursula took a taste. "Itís delicious. Where did it come from? What is it?"

"Iíve never seen that type of flower before. Itís growing among the iris leaves, all tangled up in them. Some of the flowers and blue and some are purple and some are pink. Theyíre so pretty. Why donít you wake up the others and Iíll take you all to see them for yourself," Zed said.

Soon all the butterflies and ladybugs were awake. "This had better be worth it," Tammy said. "You woke us up early. I need my beauty sleep you know."

"Come with me everyone," Zed called and fluttered into the air. He flew across the meadow, followed by four butterflies and three ladybugs. "Weíre almost there." He flew to the iris. "Where are they? Where are the pretty flowers? I see the iris leaves and somethingís tangled all around them, but just squished up things, not pretty flowers." Zed was confused. Where had the flowers gone?"

"Thanks a lot, Zed. You woke us all up and dragged us clear across the meadow for some shriveled up flowers? Iím going home," Tammy said and flew away. The others followed, mumbling things at Zed.

Zed flew around the flowers, confused. After a while he flew back home. None of the rest of them would speak to him all day. They sat around yawning and grumbling how tired they were. The next morning Zed got up and flew back across the meadow. There were the flowers again, just where he thought they were. "Theyíre back! I knew Iíd not imagined it. Youíre not shriveled up again either. I must go and tell the others." He darted back across the meadow and shouted, "The flowers are there. Follow me everyone. Come and see them."

Ursula opened her eyes. "Not again, Zed. You dragged us there yesterday and there were no flowers. Surely you donít expect us to follow you again?"

"I brought back some more pollen. Where did I get it? Iím telling you, the flowers are back," Zed said excitedly.

"Iíll come with you, Zed, but weíre not waking the others up. Iím not going to be happy with you if there are no flowers," Ursula said. She flew across the meadow behind Zed.

When they got to the iris, Zed couldnít believe his eyes. The flowers werenít there. All that he could see was the shriveled up things. "Zed? Where are the beautiful flowers?"

"They were here, Ursula. I promise. I got this delicious pollen from the inside of them," Zed frowned in disbelief.

"Iím going home. Your imagination has gone crazy," Ursula said and fluttered away.

"I donít understand. Where are the flowers?" Zed cried. He sat on the iris leaf and pouted.

"Whatís your problem?" Sally bumblebee asked. "Iíve never seen such an unhappy butterfly before." She flew down and landed on the leaf next to Zed.

"Iím so confused. Every morning I come here and there are these beautiful pink, blue, and purple flowers. I gather pollen and then fly home. When I come back, all that is left are these shriveled up things," Zed said.

"Youíre not too bright, are you? These are morning glories. They bloom when the sun rises and shines on them. After an hour or two they close back up. Youíre not imagining things, Zed," Sally said.

"Morning glories? Theyíre supposed to do this?" he said, picking up one of the shriveled things.

"Yes. Itís the way nature is."

"Iíve been getting up earlier than usual. I suppose thatís why Iíve never seen them before. We usually sleep in," he explained.

Sally buzzed and flew away. "That explains it," she called.

The next morning Zed woke the other bugs up even earlier. "I want you all to come with me. Iíve got something to show you," he said.

"Zed, weíve been through this before," Ursula growled.

"Trust me. They are special flowers that only bloom in the morning when the sun first hits them. If youíll follow me, I promise this time you wonít be disappointed."

The others hesitantly followed him. When they reached the iris they all gasped. "Itís true," Tammy said. "Look at the beautiful flowers!"

"Zed, you arenít crazy after all," Ursula said.

The bugs spent an hour or two gathering pollen and enjoying the flowers. Like magic, they shriveled up right before the bugís eyes. "Wow! Thatís amazing," Tammy smiled.

Every morning from then on, the bugs got up early and went to the morning glories. They enjoyed the pollen more and more each day. They did have to go to bed a bit earlier at night so they wouldnít be so tired, but aside from that, life in the meadow was grand.

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