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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Delicious Stovies!

Duncan, the mouse, loves living in the mouse hole at Mrs. Dunlopís house. Itís warm and cozy and very comfortable. The only thing that makes Duncanís life miserable is Mrs. Dunlopís cat, Kennedy. Heís always trying to catch Duncan and eat him for supper. One morning Duncan stood at the entrance to his mouse hole. He watched Kennedy lap up milk from his dish. Slurp, slurp, slurp. The cat licked several drops of milk off his whiskers and then went outside through the door.

Duncan, feeling a little braver, came out of the hole and walked about the kitchen. Mrs. Dunlop was standing at the sink peeling potatoes. Duncan could see a huge metal pot sitting on the stove. Mrs. Dunlop chopped the potatoes and then put them in the pot. Soon they were boiling away. Duncan could see steam rising from the large pot. Then she chopped several onions. She had to wipe her eyes several times because the onions were making her cry. Duncan could smell them too. She tossed them into the pot along with the potatoes. Mrs. Dunlop walked to the refrigerator. Duncan had to quickly run and hide behind some empty milk bottles so she wouldnít see him. He peeked and saw her carrying a string of plump, meaty sausages. "Sheís making stovies," he whispered to himself, licking his lips. "I love stovies!"

She chopped the sausage links apart and tossed them into the pot with the potatoes and onions. "There, thatíll do for now. Iíll just let the stovies boil while I go outside and do a wee bit of gardening," Mrs. Dunlop said. She wiped her hands on her apron and then took it off and hung it on a hook.

As soon as she went outside, Duncan ran up the cupboards to the countertop and stood near the pot. Mrs. Dunlop had left a ladle lying on the counter. Duncan took his tiny hands and tasted some of the potatoes that were on the ladle. "Delicious," he said. He took a sniff of the food. "I must have a sausage," he said. He dragged the ladle in his hands, which wasnít an easy thing for a small mouse to do, and climbed up on the window ledge above the stove. He dropped it into the pot. Holding onto the handle, he tried to scoop up a sausage. "Whew, this is hot," Duncan complained. The heat from the bubbling stovies was making him sweat. He struggled for a long time, trying to get the ladle full of sausages out of the pot, but finally he was able to lift it. When he dropped it on the counter, the sausages and bits of potato and onion spilled all over.

"Stovies!" Duncan giggled and climbed down to the hot food. He licked the countertop clean, leaving the plump sausages until last. "Ah, now I shall have a feast," he smiled, rubbing his tummy. He was about to take a bite when he heard the door creak. He looked down in dismay to see Kennedy had come back in the house. Duncan hid behind the salt and peppershakers.

Kennedy sniffed the air. "Whatís the smell? It must be something delicious," he meowed and walked over to the stove. He saw the ladle and the sausages lying on the counter. "How did these get here?" he wondered, but happy to see them, he picked one up and dropped it in his mouth. "Yummy," he drooled.

Duncan was angry. Those sausages were supposed to be for him, not for the cat!

Kennedy picked up another sausage and dropped it in his mouth at the exact moment that Mrs. Dunlop walked in the back door. "Whatís this? Kennedy! Youíre a bad, bad cat. Youíre into my stovies, eating my sausages?" she shouted.

Kennedy jumped down off the counter and stood, innocently looking up at Mrs. Dunlop. He let out a loud meow and purred as he rubbed himself against her leg. "Donít give me any of that. I caught you red handed eating the sausages. Bad cat. Youíre going outside for the rest of the day," she said and grabbed Kennedy in her arms. She carried him outside into the back garden.

Duncan could hear her scolding the cat. He quickly grabbed 2 sausages and held them tightly in his arms as he climbed down off the counter to the floor. He ran as fast as he could to his mouse hole and dropped the sausages.

Mrs. Dunlop came back into the house. Duncan giggled knowing that all day long he could run around the house without Kennedy there to bother him. It was going to be a grand day. He sat on the floor, pulled the sausages onto his lap and started to eat them. When he took the last bite, his tummy was fat and full. "Yes, itís going to be a grand day," he laughed and lay down to take a wee nap.

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