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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Duncan Has a Good Laugh

Three balls of wool were sitting on the couch. Mrs. Dunlop had been knitting mittens and scarves the night before. Being a curious cat, Kennedy jumped onto the couch to investigate. One ball of wool was bright yellow, another pine tree green, and the last was fire engine red. The brilliant colors and the ball shape were too much for Kennedy to resist. He knocked them down onto the carpet and rolled them outside.

Duncan, who had been watching Kennedy from his mouse hole, ran outside after the cat to see what the cat was going to do with the wool. Kennedy grabbed hold of the balls of wool and ran around the back garden with them, hitting them with his paw. They started to unravel. The red wool was wrapped around the thistles, the wooden gate and the oak tree. The yellow ball was soon tangled around the wheelbarrow, the spade lying in the vegetable garden, and the around washing line. The green ball went all the way around the house, wrapping itself tightly against the stone bricks.

Duncan started to giggle. Kennedy didn’t notice that some of the wool was stuck on his tail. This would be a great time for Duncan to grab a bite of cheese and perhaps some biscuits filled with raisins. He ran into the kitchen and bit off a hunk of cheddar cheese and then picked up two biscuits. He took them outside.

Kennedy, who was still busy chasing the shrinking balls of wool around, spotted the mouse and headed for him. Duncan watched, unafraid, as the cat ran towards him. He’d only gone a few steps when he tripped on the yellow wool. The spade came flying towards him and hit him in the head. OUCH! He stood up and ran towards Duncan again. A few steps later he tripped on the red wool and fell into a pile of prickly purple thistle. OUCH!

Duncan laughed and gobbled down his orange cheese. After Kennedy had pulled all the stickers out of his fur, he looked at Duncan and was very angry. Even though he’d tripped because of the wool, he didn’t like Duncan laughing at him. He ran towards the mouse, his claws out and read to gobble him down, but he tripped again on the green wool that was around the house. He flew through the air and landed in a pile of overripe tomatoes growing in the garden. They smashed all over his fur, dripped off his nose and got in his ear. He lay still, covered in red mush. Duncan ran over to him and stood right next to him, eating his biscuits. He let the crumbs drop on Kennedy. The cat meowed, but couldn’t move. Duncan ran back into the house to get some more cheese.

It took Kennedy all afternoon to get the wool untangled. Mrs. Dunlop wasn’t happy when she came home and saw what he’d done. Duncan stood at the kitchen window, watching the cat and laughing. He just loved to see Kennedy get into trouble!

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