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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Nannies In the Park

Baby Joshua lived in a big house next to a park. After he woke up from his morning nap, his nanny, Marla, would put him in his pram and take him for a walk. She'd stop at a bench and sit, while Joshua watched the squirrels and birds.

One day Nanny Marla saw her friend, Nanny Jane, sitting by herself. “Baby Joshua, let's go and talk to Nanny Jane, shall we?” Nanny Marla pushed the pram to the bench and sat down. She turned towards Nanny Jane and left Joshua sitting in his pram.

A squirrel ran right up to the wheels of the pram and nibbled on an acorn. Joshua leaned over to see and fell out of the pram. He landed on the grass and crawled after the squirrel. When the squirrel climbed up a tree, Joshua looked up at it and giggled. He sat for a while, picking up leaves and stones.

A pigeon flew down from a branch and landed on the ground next to Joshua. He clapped his hands and crawled toward the pigeon.

The bird flapped its wings and went, “Coo. Coo. Coo.”

Joshua giggled and reached for it, but the pigeon flew away. A feather floated down and Joshua picked it up. He waved it back and forth. When he tired of the feather, he looked around and saw a duck waddling by. Crawling, he chased the duck.

It went, “Quack. Quack. Quack.”

When it ran into the pond, Joshua sat and clapped. The duck swam around in circles and Joshua watched it until it flew away.

A man walked past. His dog, tied to a leash, struggled to get free. It pulled on the leash and the man let go. The dog ran about the park, barking and chasing balls.

Joshua watched it and bounced up and down, clapping his hands. After a while Joshua rubbed his eyes. He needed a nap.

The dog ran up to the baby and licked its face. Joshua held onto the leash and the dog dragged him all the way across the park, stopping next to Joshua's pram. The dog grabbed the baby by the pants, picked him up and dropped him back into the pram. Joshua curled up, pulled the blanket over him and fell asleep.

Nanny Marla stood. “Well, it's been nice talking to you, Nanny Jane.” She walked over to the pram and saw the baby. “How lovely. Baby Joshua's having a nice nap.” In the corner of the pram lay a ball. “Where did this come from? It's filthy.” The ball went flying through the air.

The dog picked it up with his teeth and ran back to the man.

Nanny Marla pushed the pram home.

“How was the park?” Baby Joshua's mum asked the rosy-cheeked Nanny.

“We had a lovely day. Baby Joshua fell asleep the whole time. I visited with Nanny Jane for a while,” Nanny Marla said. “He had an uneventful morning.”

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