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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
Itís Not Easy Being a Dog!

Angus MacScot turned the television on, waking Malcolm from a wonderful dream. Angus sat down in his chair and relaxed. He turned the channel to watch the sheepdog championships. Malcolm lay still, with one eye shut and the other peeking at the television. He wasnít interested at all in sheepdogs. But as Angus seemed to get more excited about it, Malcolm stood up and moved closer to the television to see what was going on. It didnít take long for him to start enjoying the show. He watched as the dogs ran in circles around the sheep, herding them through the wooden gates into the corral.

Malcolm decided that he could herd sheep. It didnít look that hard. When Angus turned the television off, Malcolm ran outside. Where were some sheep? Angus didnít own any. Heíd have to trot over to Jockís house. He lived on a farm. Surely there would be sheep there. Off he went, down the dirt lane, heading for Jockís place.

Jock was outside gnawing on a bone. He saw Malcolm coming and started to bark. He was a noisy poodle and very excitable. Malcolm ran into Jockís back garden. There they were; a huge flock of sheep grazing in the pasture behind the house. Jock looked confused. He didnít know what was on Malcolmís mind.

Malcolm squeezed under the wooden fence into the pasture. He thought about what heíd seen on television and ran towards the sheep barking. Jock watched, thinking Malcolm was behaving strangely. The sheep turned when they heard the dog barking. None of them moved. Malcolm ran around them in a big circle. The sheep watched and wondered what on earth the Scotty dog was doing? "Is he trying to be a sheep dog?" one of the ewes said. The rest of the sheep started to laugh.

Malcolm kept running circles and barking. When he noticed that none of them were moving, he stopped. Thatís when he heard them laughing at him. He turned and looked back at Jock. He was laughing too. Malcolm tried to remember what the sheep dog had done to get the sheep to move. An idea came to him. He ran towards the sheep barking as loud as he could. They didnít budge. He ran right through the flock from one side to another. Not one sheep had moved. "Look at his short little legs," a ram laughed.

"His bark couldnít scare a mouse," another sheep chuckled. Soon all the sheep were laughing.

Seeing that it wasnít working, Malcolm walked away, the sound of the laughing sheep following him. When he got to the fence, Jock was standing there waiting for him. He had to quickly wipe the smile from his face so Malcolm wouldnít see. He followed Malcolm into the front garden and watched as he walked down the dirt lane towards home.

Malcolm went into the house through his little door and took a sip of water out of his bowl. He then lay down in front of the fire. Angus was in the living room watching television. Malcolm tried to ignore it. There was a show on about Alaska. It showed dogs pulling heavy sleds across the snow. Malcolm fought the urge to open his eyes and look at the television but couldnít resist. He peeked and watched as the dogs struggled across the snow. Just then a thought entered his mind. I can do that. Before he allowed another thought of being a sled dog into his head, he remembered his experience with the sheep earlier that day and changed his mind. He shut his eyes and fell asleep, happy to be a Scotty dog.

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