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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
One Wish

Lennox, the elf, was unhappy being an elf. He'd go to the pond every day and watch the butterflies and dragonflies and frogs. "I wish I was a frog. I'm not happy being an elf." He leaned his back against a tree and watched as all the pond insects and animals raced about. "Frogs have so much fun. They sit on lily pads and have long tongues to catch flies and big googly eyes and spots. They can croak and swim in the water. I don't know how to swim."

Ross, the frog, sat on his lily pad in the middle of the pond. He watched Lennox sitting under the tree. "I wish I was an elf. I'm not happy being a frog." He plopped himself down and grabbed a fly with his tongue. "Elves have so much fun. They can run around and play and climb trees and wear shoes and hats. They can smile and have hair too. I don't know how to grow hair. All I've got are these ugly green spots."

Ross spotted a purple bug swimming in the water. He reached in and grabbed it, holding it in his hand. "I don't even want to eat you, bug. I want to eat ice cream."

The bug, Maggie, wiggled her antenna. "Then don't eat me. Go and have some ice cream."

"I can't. I'm a frog," Ross said. "I don't want to be a frog. I want to be an elf."

"If you'll let me free, I'll grant you a wish," the bug said.

"Are you a magical bug?" Ross gazed at Maggie.

"Yes. Now let me go and I'll grant you a wish."

Ross tossed Maggie onto the grass near Lennox's feet. Lennox picked the purple bug up. "What do we have here? You're a bug. I wish I could eat bugs."

"If you'll leave me alone and let me go on my way, I'll grant you a wish." Maggie inched her way closer to the elf.

"You're a magic worm?" Lennox stared at the bug.

"Yes. Now let me go and you can have a wish," Maggie said.

"Go on your way then.  You're free." Lennox waved as the bug crawled away.

"I wish I was an elf," Ross said.

"I wish I was a frog," Lennox said.

Just then the magic worked. Poof! Lennox turned into a frog and Ross turned into the elf. "It worked," Ross said. "I got my wish. Now I can run around and chase butterflies and eat ice cream."

"It worked," the frog croaked. "Now I can eat flies and swim and sit on lilypads."

Maggie watched from the bushes. "They're both happy now." She inched away into the forest while the happy elf and happy frog did what they wanted to do most of all.

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