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Children's Stories
by Margo Fallis
The Feather Pillow

Three birds perched on a yellow wooden bar, chirped and tweeted and preened their feathers.

Andrew lay in his mouse hole, tossing and turning. “I need a new pillow. This one is lumpy and old.” He yawned and stretched. “I might as well get up. I can't sleep with those noisy birds chirping.” Andrew crawled out of his hole and ran around the kitchen floor in search of crumbs or bits of cheese. After he'd scavenged enough for a meal, he sat in a corner and patted his full tummy.

The birds chattered away, watching Andrew running around.

When Andrew looked up at the birds he had an idea. “Wait a minute. Birds have feathers. I can gather their feathers and stuff them in my pillow. I've always wanted a feather pillow. I wonder if the birds will give me some of their feathers.” Andrew noticed a few lying on the ground under the bird's perch. He gathered them into his arms and took them back to his mouse hole. “There aren't enough yet. I need more. Hmm.”

When he peeked out he saw that all three birds faced the same direction. “I wonder if I can sneak up behind them and scare them. They'll be so frightened that they'll shake more feathers off.” Andrew giggled. “That's a good idea!”

The birds saw him come out of the mouse hole. He waved to them and pretended to search for more food, running around the kitchen like a hungry mouse. After a while the birds lost interest in him and sang a few more warbling songs. This gave Andrew the chance he needed. He climbed onto the table, jumped to the cupboard and ran along the top. When he stood right above the birds, he let out a yell and jumped at the birds.

All three of them squawked in terror. They flapped their wings and feathers flew everywhere.

Andrew caught himself by grabbing the perch wires and then slid to the floor. A pile of feathers were stacked high. He jumped inside them. “Whee! Feathers! I knew it would work.” He carried them back to his mouse hole, leaving three angry birds chirping in fury.

That night Andrew slept like a baby on his nice, new feather pillow.

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